#5Books: Your night is not complete until…

#5Books for the week ending 18 June

Your entire family spends a good 20 minutes calling for one of your dogs, searching the house up and down, and the garden and checking the gates AND taking the car out to check the roads and then you walk into a room to start checking every damn small space, and he’s sitting on the bed, chewing a bone. And the door to the room was closed not two minutes ago when everyone left to go driving out looking for him.

Heart attack averted for tonight anyway. The little bugger was so busy eating, he wouldn’t come when we were calling.


I am going to focus on books now. Nods. Like:

She be Damned

I fully admit to judging this book by it’s title but, okay, it’s not exactly the full title: She be Damned: a Heloise Chancey Mystery. That said, Heloise rolls of the tongue quite nicely, doesn’t it? She is a professional detective, in London 1863. The police willingly turn to her for help, so given the time I am curious as to how she got to this position. Given what’s happening to the victims in Waterloo, I am getting a distinctly Jack the Ripper vibe, however that’s not all it’s about. Heloise investigates with her maid Amah, and somewhere along the line she is implicated in the murders. So, yes, I am looking forward to these ladies alot. Also, killer cover! 

So you know how you always wanted Temperance Brennan and Jack Reacher to team up in a short story together? Yeah, it happened.


The premise is simple: 12 of the best female thriller writers paired with 12 of the best male ones, and together they come up with a story in which their characters meet. Like Brennan and Reacher AND Tony Hill (Val McDermid) and Roy Grace (Peter James). I am so curious to read how these authors pull off these characters together like this. Wait, what’s the weirdest, best matchup you’d like to see of your favourite characters? OR sleuths?

Third this week is a graphic novel which Tammy reviewed over at Books Bones & Buffy

The Refrigerator Monologues 

And it’s just what you think it is: the tales of 6 female superheroes and love interests who have all been fridged to progress their male characters’ storylines. I am all over this particular trope being subverted. All the time. 

The blurb of the fourth describes it as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy meets X-Men and who can resist that?

At the table of Wolves 

Which admittedly, is giving me some Wolf by Wolf vibes, but not a whole heap. Our intrepid young woman Kim is part of a secret project in the UK during the Great War to weaponize people with powers. Yes, this is set in 1936 (cool cover right?). Kim’s power is that she can draw out the truth from people and is given the task of uncovering the Nazi sympathisers living among British high society and discovers a plot to invade England. So what’s a girl to do? Stop it, of course! Seriously though from the cover to the spying, is this not brilliant?

Because we get like the best movies late at night here — like all the Scream ones wherein many young girls have died, I was rather taken by this one because it subverts that particular trope.

Final Girls

Quincy is a member of the Final Girls club, which is exactly what you think it is — she survived a massacre, so she’s a final girl — like Sam and Lisa who survived their own massacres. And who want to put it all behind them and never meet, no matter how much the media like the idea.

Ten years later, Quincy is is doing well but Lisa is dead, and Sam comes looking for her. Which is about when things take on a weird bent in the blurb, because it almost seems like Sam killed Lisa, but then it goes and adds that this all makes Quincy seek out the truth of what happened during the massacre she survived… which makes me wonder, how could she not remember what happened? This creeps me the hell out, but I love the idea of the Final Girls plot line!

YAY or NAY to Final Girls??


  • Sorry your dog caused so much trouble, but glad he was safe! Refrigerator Monologues and the Wolf book both sound interesting and have great covers!

    • Verushka says:

      He’s a little bugger! And I swear he pretty much just ignored us big time ha Those two you picked do have epic covers don’t they? Really looking forward to them

  • Glad your dog was ok!!! I am excited for Final Girls!

    • Verushka says:

      AHHH I am on the edge of my seat for that one! (And thank you! He gave us all mini heart attacks that night)

  • That was like my cousin’s cat who we thought got out and was lost but actually was just hiding under the sheets because he didn’t like the noise…Glad your dog was okay!
    These books look amazing! I love all the covers! Thanks for highlighting them!

  • I’m definitely reading Final Girls because it’s blurbed by Stephen King AND I have an arc. I am now super interested in She Be Damned and At the Table of Wolves so my TBR isn’t really thanking you right now (only kidding). I already wanted to read The Refrigerator Monologues so it was already on the TBR. 4 out of 5 – take it easy on me next week.

    Also, when my husband and I were first married we lived in a small upstairs duplex. Our first boxer was 6 months old at the time and we lost him. Neither of us had left and there were only 4 rooms in the whole place. He wouldn’t come when we yelled and we panicked. We eventually found him hiding beneath the bed and I swear he was laughing at us. So I definitely feel your pain (and subsequent heart attack).

    • Verushka says:

      Haaa, I will happily take the fault for the current and future state of your TBR 🙂 Final Girls sounds amazing doesn’t it? And yeah, the Stephen King blurb alternately scared me and made me want it even more lol

      Oh man, your boxer sounds just like my dog. I’m convinced even if there wasn’t a bone distracting him he would not have bothered coming out of hiding lol

  • I just got approved for an ARC of Final Girls and can’t wait to dive in. It really does sound creepy!

  • She Be Damned sounds awesome! I am going to see if this will be on audio!

  • I actually read the prologue and first chapter of Final Girls this morning. I think it seems promising so I would say give it a try.

  • AAARGH! Your dog! 🙂 Ha ha. Isn’t it great when they act like a CAT and don’t come when they are called?

    She be Damned cover looks so familiar… But I’m sure it’s just reminding me of something else!

    At the table of Wolves sounds so interesting. 🙂

  • divabooknerd says:

    At The Table of Wolves, I love that cover and always up for a little historical fiction. Really intrigued by it.

    Oh gosh, I would have been absolutely hysterical. My dog is honestly our child and to even imagine that scenario. Little bugger. I wonder where he was originally hiding to end up on the bed. I’m so glad it was a bad scare and nothing more.

    Aww, I want to see doggo photos now <3

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