#5Books: It’s raining again; WTH weather?

#5Books for the week ending 11 June

So, it’s raining again. You know how I posted about the weeks of rain awhile back? Yup, apparently the universe is not yet done with us and rain. As in days of it, incessantly and actually getting so heavy our kitchen started leaking — and this I find out at 10:30 at night, when I come in to get some water and voila, waterfalls through the lights. Apparently it’s what happens when leaves aren’t cleaned off gutters every two weeks, which no. Two weeks, I totally don’t buy that AT ALL. At this point our builder seems to be one of those guys who never does anything wrong, nothing is his fault and it’s always someone else’s fault. Righhht.


Did I mention it’s going to rain all week? And it rained most of last week? I know I bitch about the weather constantly during winter, but it’s so depressing to go to bed when it’s pouring out and to wake up with it exactly the same. I was talking to a friend of mine about the weather — he’s from Sweden, and he was telling me about his mum, who ended up in a psychiatric institution because no one could figure out what was wrong with her. This is back in the 1970s mind you. It turns out she was lacking in serotonin — that’s a country that has months of darkness during winter, so it turns out she was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and that serotonin pills and a sun lamp ended up helping her. 

I admit I flung around SAD way too easily without considering cases like the above, but it certainly put that into perspective.  Whew.

So, in other news, we have in comparison to everyone else a handful of TV channels, and most of them don’t actually work here — as in reception sucks at home. But of all the channels we do get at home, there’s one called ONE. Yeah, it’s aimed at males 25+ but for some reason it contains old episodes of Highlander  and old John Grisham movies — like all of them. I feel like they cycle through them every couple of months and I’ve gone through months of seeing them all. Which is why I have John Grisham on my mind. But the first book rec I have today, isn’t actually about lawyers, surprisingly. More like a literary heist.

Camino Island

There’s a heist, a Godfather of rare books (from the sounds of it) and a young novelist who is hired to infiltrate the dealer’s circle to find the manuscripts stolen in the heist. So what does our intrepid young novelist find out? That is the question. Also, the question is if Grisham can do a non-legal thriller. What do you think?

This next one? Just creeps me the hell out with everything unsaid, which to be fair is what you’d want from a blurb.

When I am Through With You

I think the blurb for this book genuinely nails its blurb. We know Ben Gibson is in trouble, and in jail. And, we know he did something to Rose, and something happened to everyone else on the school camping trip. And that he’s not sorry for it. It sounds like he’s a homicidal maniac, but maybe that’s just me jumping to the most obvious conclusion. What do you think Ben did?

The Mentor

In keeping with the literary theme of sorts this week, is The Mentor which is an example of why you should never work with former teachers. Kyle is living the dream as an editor at a publishing house, when his favourite professor contacts him to catch up and drops into the conversation that he’s finished writing is novel. This is when Kyle should have shut up, but no, he wants to read the story. Which is so not what he expected, wanted or you know isn’t publishable. Which is when his mentor, William becomes obsessed with him, causing havoc in his life. AND if that wasn’t enough, turns out William’s book? Could be a true life confession. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either. Lordy, I need a breath and I also need this NOW.

This next one revolves around a common? popular trope of kidnapped characters returning home years after disappearing… though to be fair, it could just be me and where my tastes lie these days.

We Now Return to Regular Life  

Sam has been missing for three years when he returns home. There are two characters, Beth (his sister) and Josh (his best friend) who feature prominently in the blurb, which makes me worry that this book might dismiss his family entirely. But, I’m still here reccing it and crossing my fingers the book doesn’t do that. Beth and Josh were the last two people to see him before he was kidnapped. And upon his return, Beth wants to know what happened to him, but their family doesn’t want to talk about it, even though Sam might need to. And then there’s Jason, to whom Sam does confide in, and who is falling in love with Sam. But… here’s the thing, what did Jason see the day Sam was kidnapped? What didn’t he tell the police? There’s a complicated mess of emotions surrounding these three in an unexpected way I think, and this blurb leaves me on pins and needles for the truth.

I don’t read Stephen King because well, horror. But I do read Dean Koontz — well just the one novel: Lightning. Definitely not horror, though for the longest time I’ve equated them both to each other in terms of what they’ve written. If you have a chance, read this book: it’s a love story, through time and Nazis and I’ve loved it since I’ve first read it. And, no I haven’t read his books since… until now though.

The Silent Corner 

Jane Hawk’s husband has just committed suicide and left a note behind that makes no sense. Jane is determined to find out what happened, and discovers that talented people are dying, committing suicide — which makes her a wanted fugitive and gains her powerful enemies. But Jane, and this is what gets me, is cold-blooded, as relentless as they are ruthless and who is driven by a righteous rage they can never comprehend. So the question I am left with is this: Who exactly is Jane Hawk? 

Ahhhhh. Why can’t we get everything now?? 😉


  • Angela says:

    That was pretty much our spring – all rain, all the time. It was so gloomy! Now it’s 100 degrees with beating sun!

    When I am Through With You is on my TBR, as well.

  • Oh no!!!!!!!!!! What is UP with the weather??? That’s crazy stuff. I’m sorry about your kitchen. 🙁

    Sooo… Is your roof fixed now? Or do you have to get the gutters done bi-weekly??? (Which yes, is absolutely crazy).

    • Verushka says:

      It’s dried out, which is as much as we can hope for. We have to do something about the gutters from hell — like put in gutter guards and see how often we have to get it cleaned after that

  • divabooknerd says:

    It’s been cold down this way but sadly, not a drop of rain. Even the garden is looking sorry for itself. Builders always try to pass the buck don’t they! Ours was the same. Even after handover, we had to fight them to fix things that weren’t regulation. For years. I’ve heard that’s really.common with downlights though. Have you checked to make sure there’s no loose or cracked tiles on the roof? Here’s hoping the rain eases off soon, hopefully headed down our way <3

    • Verushka says:

      You can have the rain 🙂 I can’t believe you had to fight your builders to fix things for years? We’ve just discovered something is up with aerial/antenna connection and I’m looking forward to the excuse he’ll come with to avoid looking at it thoroughly . The roof section is under a gutter that couldn’t handle the rain bc leaves so it leaked. I still don’t get how a gutter would cause a leak like that, but so be it. SIGHS.

  • Silvia says:

    I can sympathise about the rain, it wasn’t that different last week here after all . . . However, I fortunately didn’t experience leaking problems, and of course I wish you hadn’t to deal with that either 🙁 Fingers crossed this weather is going to give you a rest soon!

  • Greg says:

    Oh no sorry to hear about the leak! Ack!! That’s not good- I hope it’s not too bad!?!

    We Now Return to Regular Life sounds interesting to me. I’d want to know what happens!

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