Jane Austen’s Tips for Success: bc yes, her words are those you can still live by

Jane Austen's Tips for Success

I am besotted by this book, especially as I was told about it during a time in the last couple of weeks where I needed a laugh to get through my day.

I mean look at this:

Money Jane Austens Tips for SuccessMoney Jane Austens Tips for Success

See, told you that you’d laugh! I want to say something more profound about this but really, it just made me smile. And some days, you really just want to page through something that will do that in an uncomplicated way.

If anyone dares to say Jane Austen isn’t still relevant? Feel free to show them this!

Jane Austen’s Tips for Success, New Holland Publishers RRP $19.99 available from all good bookstores or online www.newhollandpublishers.com


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