#LoveOzLit: Annah Faulkner on the best and the worst of doing revisions

#LoveOzLit: Annah Faulkner on Revisions

The best and the worst

Annah Faulkner here brings the bigger picture into play here, reminding us that it is actually different dealing with something in bits and pieces instead of the bigger picture. Weird isn’t it? How perspective can change like that?

The worst that she describes is harsh dose of reality, isn’t it? But it happens doesn’t it? *

*I’m currently afraid to look in my inbox to see the feedback on a speech I did. Not a good feeling people.


  • Oh gosh, feedback is so nerve-wracking because even if the person is being nice or really just wants to help, it still hurts to hear “negatives” about a work you created.

  • Huh, that first point is interesting. I have yet to actually sit and write a book, but the ones that I’ve been planning/plotting, it’s like all the different scenes all exist all at once, I have just some random scenes here and there written, others are planned in detail, I know how the character arcs start and end, but yeah, it is a very bits-and-pieces kinda thing. I imagine it probably would be a whole different experience it see it all together as a whole. But yikes, the feedback part does sound rough!

  • Presentations and speeches are so nerve-wracking, and hearing feedback on them is even more so. You gotta rip that bandaid off so you can stop angsting over it, Verushka! I have a feeling people will be more positive than you think. 🙂

  • yeah! this is what I’m doing right now with my WIP! Love it 🙂

  • Verushka! I’m finally visiting your blog again. Sorry I’ve been offline for so long and thanks for continuing to stop by mine!

    I’m sure your feedback is not as scary as you think it is! Go on and check your inbox!!!

    The more I read about writing the harder and harder it looks. 🙂 Maybe one day I will have a story to tell, but for now I just love reading what other people have created!

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