#5Books: Book recs and understanding Goodreads

#5Books for the week ending 7 May 2017

So Goodreads. It’s got books and reviews and it’s the best way to find out about books.

Molly over at Molly’s Book Nook had an excellent post about why she’s starting a new Goodreads account, which got me to thinking why I use it — right now my reason for that is everyone else seems to be doing it <— not a good reason.

but I still don’t get it. I’ve been told it’s a social media of sorts, with a social feed, but I feel like there’s an importance to it I’m missing. Is it more than just keeping track of your reviews? Or your TBR?

It’s like an electronic library shelf, I guess and considering the state of my library shelves, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I don’t quite understand Goodreads.

So here’s my thing: what made Goodreads make sense for you? What made the penny drop? Bc I am in dire need of a different POV on it to make sense of it… wait, does that make sense?

Like the books I’ve recced here, I haven’t added to Goodreads — should I?

Anyway, this book made me giggle: it’s like getting the best news at the worst time ever. Or the worst news at the best time?

Side Effects May Vary

When Alice realises she’s dying (leukemia), she takes it upon herself to throw caution to the wind and right a couple of wrongs however she can with the help of her friend Harvey — like getting revenge on her ex. Thing is she goes into remission #WOOPS. BIG WOOPS. So she’s got to face the consequences of what she’s been doing for 6 months and also — Harvey. Who likes her, and who she just might’ve hurt along the way. Is it bad that this made me giggle a little? Bc it sounds HILARIOUS. Right? I think it might be hilarious and bittersweet too. 

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes

This is how I stumbled on to this book and I could not stop laughing again: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes by Leonard Goldberg: A Visual Guide

But more than that made me check it out on Goodreads: So Joanna is the daughter of Holmes and Irene Adler, and I am not clear if she realises this or no. But she and her son come to the attention of a certain Dr Watson and his Dr Watson Jnr when they witness a man commit suicide. Allegedly. So begins a mystery, with the Watsons becoming a trio with a Holmes added to their mix. A HOLMES daughter, investigating with a Dr Watson Snr who will no doubt watch his son and Holmes daughter with affection and reminisce about the good old day… yes that’s a very specific day dream, but I stand by it. Nods.

So about Small-town Australia? Here’s a murder mystery set in small-town New Zealand. They have those there too lol!

Marlborough Man

I’ve never been to New Zealand and I should probably get around to fixing that at some point. This is a mystery set on the South Island, which is seems is a good spot to hide if someone is after you. Except when they find you there. Now the only character mentioned in the blurb is Nick Chester, a sergeant. And I can’t decide if he’s the one hiding out there or is it someone else entirely? What do you think? 

So this recommendation comes with visual aids:

Greg Guillemin Secret Life of Heroes

Yes, that’s the Hulk brushing his teeth, but it illustrates the point about this next one:

Behind the Mask: a Superhero Anthology

This is quite simply a collection of stories about the mundane lives of superheroes, which lets face is ripe for the stories to be told. And I love the simplicity of such an idea and the potential behind it. And if you want to see more of the mundane lives of heroes, check out Greg Guillemin’s work and I swear you won’t be disappointed.

 And last is a small, big book of sorts. Kind of.

A Small Revolution

One bright day, Yoona and three of her classmates are held hostage by Lloyd, a young man who is pretty much losing it after the death of his best friend. And the love of Yoona’s life — Jaesung. So what happened that day the man they both cared about so much died? What drove Lloyd to this? And why does his death warrant a dive into Yoona’s past and life in South Korea? I feel like this one has so very different threads I can’t imagine how the author is going to pull them together, though I dearly want to know. 

That’s it for me this week. I’m off to not add these to Goodreads. HA. 

Yeah, I need to to make sense of that site don’t i?



  • Girl, you are gonna love an upcoming post of mine that is all about how I use GR lol. It’s been sitting in my queue for a while. Maybe I’ll post it sooner rather than later just for you 😛

    You found some really unique books this time! I love the mundane lives of superheroes one, that sounds fantastic, haha.

  • Interesting thoughts about Goodreads. I personally mainly just use it to keep track of my reads and my wishlist, oh and because of all of the giveaways they host, but I definitely see plenty of others being social on it, taking part in groups or even just regularly commenting on others’ reviews.

    Great book recs – Intrigued by the one about the daily lives of superheroes and the one that features the daughter of Sherlock. Also, good timing on the New Zealand book. I’m working on my Top Ten Tuesday post for tomorrow and mention how I’d love to read more books set in countries besides the U.S. and New Zealand made my list.

    • Verushka says:

      I saw your Tuesday list! Kind of chuffed Australia and NZ made it on there heh. The daily lives of superheros is such a good idea, with such great potential I am HOPING it’s good! Goodreads…. Kristen’s post helped a heap with getting my head around it. I think maybe I have to plan to explore it to understand it before I can get comfortable in it

  • For me Goodreads is where I track what I read and my reviews. I like to look at what other “friends” are reading and see what they think of books. Other than that nothing else really. I have had Side Effects May Vary on my Kindle FOREVER. I need to get to it.

    • Verushka says:

      I am so embarrassed, but sometimes it takes me ages to post my reviews on there. About tHAT at least, I have to be better. Side Effects sounds sooo good! Get to it , get to it! 🙂

  • Angela says:

    Great recs this week! I like the sound of Side Effects May Vary!

    I don’t really use Goodreads socially. I have a few friends on there and I follow what they’re reading, but I really just use it to keep track of what I’ve read and as a place to cross-post reviews. The giveaways are fun, although I rarely win, and I’ve found lots of new books that way. I keep my TBR on Pinterest, so I don’t even use Goodreads for that like lots of other people do.

    • Verushka says:

      That’s kind of how I use it, when I remember to use it — like I said above, I think my issue is I that I haven’t given it enough attention properly.

  • Ooh some interesting ones here! I’m curious about Behind the Mask. As for goodreads, I use it just to keep track of all the books I read. 🙂

  • Greg says:

    I love the idea of Goodreads but I don’t use it or update it nearly enough, it just seems to fall by the wayside. But I keep saying I’ll get better. 🙂

  • I love GR. I use it for every step of my reading .. “currently reading”, ‘updates’, ‘finished reading’, then adding my review after I post it on my blog. I love being able to keep track of my books like that. I’ve had a GR account since 2008, and used Shelfri before that. I often check reviews for books I’m iffy about. And it’s easy to keep track of series order. I use it fo a lot of things. lol

    Haha – Side Effects May Vary sounds like so much fun.

  • I use Goodreads to track what I’ve read, as a main site for all my reviews and then as a catch-all – as in if I see a book that interests me, then I put it on a wishlist there. The problem is I rarely revamp the wishlist – which is sad and horrible!

    I love the sounds of Side Effects May Vary and Daughter of Sherlock Holmes.

    • Verushka says:

      I actually should pretty much start simply and train myself to review and track on there. Mayeb I’ve been thinking too big too fast?

  • Not to be all “I did it before it was cool,” but I joined Goodreads a year or two after it was launched because I worked in a library at the time (yes this was like 7 or 8 years ago…still working in libraries!) and all my librarian friends were on it. I used it to keep track of my TBR and gather stats on my reading. Honestly, I still use it that way. I’ve never been very good at the social part of Goodreads – that’s what blogging is for, in my opinion!

    That Holmes story sounds promising! Honest though, the only “lady Sherlock” story I’m interested in at the moment is A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas. It sounds AMAZING!

  • oh I love this post because I LOVE GR SO MUCH

    I drafted a post about GR too but I haven’t finish it. 🙂

    Maybe when Springgedon and my first draft is over 🙂 but here’s a sneak peek … [I actually went to the post to get all this and comment lol]!

    Title: “Why goodreads is the best place in the world for a #bookworm and #bookblogger and #bookreviewer.”

    I used GR A LOT as a blogging and organizational tool. It’s my go to to get information about the book I’ll review won my blog {image, blurb etc] My post are use GR images a lot. I organize my books in what to read ext, by genre and format and use the images for the weekly updates and other reading memes I also use my the updates to help my reviews. I track my emotions and feelings in the updates and they are great notes for when I have to write reviews.

    I use the feed like instragram! this is me, pupils dilated like in a trance… I slide, slide, slide, like, like, like, OH LOOK I LOVE THIS ONE! Want to read, want to read want to read.
    😀 ohhh look at this great review. I need more of that in my feed! Friend request!

    • Verushka says:

      Your GR game is spot on! It, along with other things, have me thinking again about goodreads, and prompted this question really. I am at my most basic if that when I think and work wtith GR, so I’m so grateful for everyone’s comments.

  • divabooknerd says:

    Pretty sure The Hulk seems to be brushing his teeth with a toilet brush. Goes to prove his green hue is more than likely due to the lack of hygiene. The rest is a cover story.

    I’ve always just seen Goodreads as a place to keep track of what I’ve read and what I’d like to read in the laziest way possible. Why are people deleting their accounts? Seems rather odd to delete your account and start from scratch. I’ll be wondering why all day now. If you find out why, please let me know too <3

    • Verushka says:

      LOL! The Hulk just works on his on wavelength 🙂 People are deleting to start over because they’re wanting to be better at it — tracking their stuff, I guess.

  • Maria Behar says:

    Hmmmm….. I don’t know what to say about Goodreads. I just add books to my shelves there, and have no clue as to IF I will EVER read them! Lol. I post reviews from time to time, although I don’t get that many likes on them. If you look at my profile page, you’ll see all the groups I belong to, and never participate in! Lol. No time…. I don’t know what else to say about GR. Maybe I need some instruction on it myself. Lol.

    As for your recs, I am SUPER interested in “The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes”. I am a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan!!!! WOOT, WOOT!! The plot of this novel does remind me somewhat of the plot of another SH-related book I recently read. it’s titled “A Study In Charlotte”, and I highly recommend it to you! Meanwhile, I’m adding “Daughter” to my GR shelves!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Thanks for putting this one on my radar!!!! <3 <3

    I'm also interested in that superhero anthology! I sure would like to know about Clark Kent's mundane life! And about Bruce Wayne's, as well!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Goodreads, as well as these GREAT recs!!

    Hope you have (or are already having, lol) a GREAT Sunday!!!! <3 <3 <3 : ) : ) : )

  • Michelle says:

    When I started using it, I think I viewed it as a social media of sorts. Now, I really don’t interact with many people on it, but use it to keep track of what I’ve read, what I want to read and also get some quick recommendations from friends. To be honest, I just love being able to see what I’m reading and categorising books into genres etc so I can pick books based on my moods/what I want to read.

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