#5Books: What do you read when you need to quiet your mind?

#5Books for the week ending 30 APril 2017

Do you ever have moments when you’re in need of quieting your mind?

Imagine this: you’ve been running a mile-a-minue at work and it feels like your brain needs to just stop, what do you read? Do you have a go-to book? Or do you not read books at all and go for a magazine? Or switch off from print entirely?

It’s been one of those (three) weeks, and I feel like I haven’t been able to decompress and switch my brain off from worrying and stressing about work, so I’ve been curious  about how others handle things like that? Any tips would be welcome!


I am absolutely enamoured with this book — if the rich go to Sherlock Holmes to investigate their crimes, then everyone else goes to Arrowood. Who is he? No frigging clue, and the shadowy figure on the cover doesn’t really shed much light on that either. But I like the idea of a shadow for Sherlock –– someone like him, and not batshit crazy like Moriarty is. And interestingly, he knows… people, while Sherlock knows the science. So what does that mean exactly?

Tales of immigrants and diversity are out there more and more (but not nearly enough) these days, aren’t they? And Australia has plenty to share in that regard — thankfully. Like this:

Australia Day

Which as we celebrate this holiday in January, and it is often contentious, but this is a collection of short stories with a diverse collection of characters that delves into what it means to belong — and that is a common theme no matter where you are in the world, these days isn’t it?

About as far away from that is this:

Saint Death

Told ya! That said, I’m going to add: maybe not. I mean, Arturo is a guy who helps his friend Faustino smuggle his girlfriend and baby into the US. Thing is, he’s using stolen drug money to do it, and that brings drug dealers and human traffickers into their world. Yes, that’s a skimpy blurb, but there’s a skull on the cover and it’s called Saint Death, so I feel like a chance might be in order here.

So did anyone else like RIPD?

Just me huh? This is nothing like that but I am still bloody curious about what the afterlife is exactly. And funnily enough that’s what it’s called.


And funnily enough, it’s going to be a movie too. So we have Will, an FBI agent who dies in a bomb blast. And wakes up in a Chicago where there is no one else. Except maybe zombies? I don’t think so, but they have machetes, so they’re not welcoming him to the Afterlife. However in normal life, real life, no-dead life, Claire who is head of an FBI taskforce has to find a terrorist, I suspect the one that killed Will. And apparently she’s fallen in love with Will along the way. And to quote the blurb (like this is the most original line ever… not, but it still gets the point across): But the line between life and death is narrower than any of us suspect

Who would you fancast in this?

I’m going to stop there this week, because that’s all the space I’ve found in my brain for books this week. 

… and I have to know something else entirely different and a little bit random: who has an iPhone and who has an Android phone, and how easy or hard has it been to switch between the two? I’ve been having thinky thoughts since I (somehow) got invited to a Motorola phone launch! HA. And won an amazing voucher for the bar it was at. How’s that! But, I do know I refuse to pay $100 a month for phone plan, which where I’m heading to with my data and new phone plan. Kind of the standard here.


  • Graphic novels! Or webcomics. If my mind is going a mile a minute, I struggle to concentrate on normal books. Or I play the Sims, which I’ve been doing a lot lately lol.

    Arrowhead sounds interesting, and I love that cover for Saint Death!

    • Verushka says:

      There’s an idea. I hadn’t considered that, but that’s absolutely something I should try. BY any chance do you read them electronically? I need to find a good app to read them

  • Angela says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your stress and worries – I hope things start to get better soon! If I’m stressed out, I can’t read heavy books. I’d probably go with a light or comforting re-read, because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on something new. Or I’d just veg out in front of the tv, something mindless.

  • It’s definitely good to have a way to decompress after days/weeks like that. For me, it differs. It depends on what level of stress I’m on and the source. Like, does it require quiet time with a binge of TV show? A mind numbing read? Or do I need to pound the pavement for 5+ miles and/or beat on the punching bag? It all depends. 😀

    Btw, I saw RIPD too. lol

    • Verushka says:

      I like the idea of working out and doing some physical, event if it is a walk. It just hadn’t been working recently.

  • Greg says:

    I’ve only had an iPhone so I can’t say too much about Androids. 🙁

    Afterlife has me curious!

    • Verushka says:

      ALAS. I’m getting bored with my iphone these days. And it’s also annoying me terribly, and I don’t want to spend a whole lot on a new one, you know? We’ll see.

  • I think I need to check out Arrowood and After Life. I liked RIPD but mainly because of the interaction between the two MCs.

  • oh thi sis a great post for MOI and my Dory ADHD brain. I need quieting things. Especially books. For me is romance. I never read romance unless I’m stress and falling in a slump. a collection of short stories with a diverse collection of characters that delves into what it means to belong sounds AWESOME! I NEED to watch R.I.P.D I SO Love any afterlife tale!

  • I usually re-read The Hunger Games. Always my go to. Or, continue a series, because I am familiar with the world and characters so it doesn’t require as much mental fortitude to get into haha. As for your phone issue, I have only had Android, but my brother has switched between iPhone and Android MANY times (his company pays and they give him whatever they feel like hah) and he doesn’t seem to have a huge preference either way, so I hope that helps!

    • Verushka says:

      That does help Shannon! I’m getting so annoyed with my phone right no! And thank you for the book tip too!

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