#CBCA: X Marks the Spot (Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers, #2)

#CBCA book Review Captain Jimmy Cook X Marks the Spot

Blurb: Captain Jimmy Cook has made a Top Secret Important Discovery. Even more important than any discovery that the other Captain Cook from the olden days ever made. A real dinosaur footprint! And everyone knows that underneath a real dinosaur footprint will be a real dinosaur bone.

Jimmy has to keep the amazing discovery a big secret because he found it behind a toilet block (that’s totally out-of-bounds). That’s not going to stop Jimmy and his crew! Once he digs up the dinosaur bone, he’s going to be the most famous Captain James Cook in history and not even Ms Fennel will be mad with him.

But even the greatest explorers have problems. Jimmy’s are these: 1) Everyone in the school now wants to help in The Dig, so it’s just a matter of time before Ms Fennel puts a stop to the greatest discovery of all time and 2) a large smelly cat is sitting in his hole.

But luck is on his side. Jimmy’s found a map of the school with a large X on it. And everyone knows what that means — Treasure! Treasure! Treasure!

Captain Jimmy Cook is about to make the discovery of a lifetime …

Captain Jimmy Cook is like no other kid you’ve met. He’s an intrepid explorer, archaeologist, and inventor as it turns out. He is a character that lets nothing stand in his way, and charges ahead in his excavations at school, organising his school friends to help him dig for dinosaur bones and then treasure, even – the girls. They, as it turns out, cheat him out of their complete capitulation to his demand that they give him all the treasure they find. It’s high-flying deal-making in the school yard, and it’s ruthless!

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