Can’t Wait and Waiting On Wednesday: Marriage of a Thousand Lies

Can't wait Wednesday- What are book bloggers looking forward to reading next-

Waiting on Wednesdays has become Can’t Wait Wednesdays but the purpose is the same: for bloggers to highlight what they’re waiting on. This week I have: Marriage of a Thousand Lies

Marriage of a Thousand Lies by SJ Sindu

Blurb: Lucky and her husband, Krishna, are gay. They present an illusion of marital bliss to their conservative Sri Lankan–American families, while each dates on the side. It’s not ideal, but for Lucky, it seems to be working. She goes out dancing, she drinks a bit, she makes ends meet by doing digital art on commission. But when Lucky’s grandmother has a nasty fall, Lucky returns to her childhood home and unexpectedly reconnects with her former best friend and first lover, Nisha, who is preparing for her own arranged wedding with a man she’s never met.

As the connection between the two women is rekindled, Lucky tries to save Nisha from entering a marriage based on a lie. But does Nisha really want to be saved? And after a decade’s worth of lying, can Lucky break free of her own circumstances and build a new life? Is she willing to walk away from all that she values about her parents and community to live in a new truth? As Lucky—an outsider no matter what choices she makes—is pushed to the breaking point, Marriage of a Thousand Lies offers a vivid exploration of a life lived at a complex intersection of race, sexuality, and nationality. The result is a profoundly American debut novel shot through with humor and loss, a story of love, family, and the truths that define us all.

A few months ago I reviewed Promising Azrawhich is about a young Australia Muslim girl being faced with an arranged marriage and having to make decide whether she wants to live for herself and what she wants and whether the cost — her family — is worth that.

And it’s a difficult choice to make, for sure. Before that book, before being forced to think about what it means really, I assumed that choosing yourself and what you want  is the easiest choice in the world, but sometimes it’s actually not. I am of the belief it’s the right choice to make, but I’ve never been in that position being forced to make that choice, you know?

From the blurb of Marriage of a Thousand Lies, I see some of the same choices to be made, and I am quite curious as to how humour factors into all this. So we shall see!

What do you think?


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