#LoveOzLit: Tony Park on knowing his book better by the time revisions start

#LoveOzLit: Tony Park on revising manuscripts

Writing, Writing, Writing

It’s a weird thing to think about, but it’s actually kind of hard to focus on writing and not going back and editing something over and over before continuing with the writing part of well, writing. Tony Park though seems to have a handle on that part.

Even with blog posts, I can sometimes write and edit far too many times before actually being satisfied with it. Can you imagine the details that would go into an adventure novel or a crime one and the urge to go back and edit instead of writing… is that bit totally me??

Don’t even get me started on reviews. Some can flow easily — when I am in love with the book and just want to get everything out so I can go back and edit before I post. But others, others are painful and nothing seems to work, so I edit as I write and am never satisfied by the ending. Do you ever feel like that? 

The quote also reminds me that writing without editing also gives you a chance to explore different things for characters and plot before going back and editing. There’s something in my brain that makes me go back and edit — even blog posts, though I am trying to get out of the habit — and not letting ideas germinate and grow before deciding they’re not working out. 

What do you think? Is hard for you to write? A blog post or an email even? Without going back and editing even before you’ve finished writing?


  • Kelly says:

    I feel the same more and more lately, I have a blog of drafts and half finished reviews and feel as though I’ve lost the motivation to complete them. Maybe that’s the key. Write first and edit later. Once you get your thoughts down, perhaps it’s easier to make sense of them and go from there. I might give it a go, nothing to lose <3

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