#LoveOzLit: Anne Buist asks one question when it comes time to do revisions

Anne Buist on Revisions

Even famous authors do them

Yup, as you can see the next Natalie King series is undergoing a big rewrite currently, as Anne Buist shares here. So if you’re struggling at the thought of rewrites, take heart — all authors do them.

Ask just one question

Will it make it better?

I say that every time I do an edit: I want to make the book better. Which is why I cut, and ask questions (which admittedly can sound silly), but there’s always a reason for everything I put into an edit.

It is an essential part of the process, like Anne says, and every author does them.


  • Maybe it’s because I’m not a writer, but I’ve always thought revisions would be easier than actually writing the first draft…even if it’s only because there’s something already finished to work with. I can’t imagine how much work would go into a total rewrite though, what a nightmare!

  • OH MAN! I wish so much I was already editing so I could answer this question with authority. BUT I am constantly editing instead of just writing which is a big no no so I do think it makes better. I know I WILL have to go back and rewrite my draft many times. The questions is how frustrating it will be LOL 🙂

  • I feel like that’s probably one of the hardest things to get used to as a new writer—the idea that your story is not perfect and could be improved by changing some things and also the idea that your story isn’t done and there’s still plenty of work to do once it’s written. If I ever write a book, I’m probably gonna be one of those people grumbling about the revising, haha. But I’ve read enough books where I’ve been like, “Man, if only this person had a better editor or beta readers or actually listened to them, this could’ve been amazing instead of just ok,” that I like to think I’ll have the sense to listen and consider, even if I do grumble about it 😛

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