#5Books: Britcrime and Broadchurch

#5Books for the week ending 2 April 2017

And as I write this, we’re just about starting to see the effects Cyclone Debbie here in Sydney. This didn’t actually happen in Sydney, but this is infinitely more interesting that the incessant rain: Australia’s Sharknado.

I’m so ready for winter because then it wouldn’t be Autumn.

But anyway, until my phone company gets their act together — which if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see the debacle that is a monopoly of Australian … everything really; the company, Telstra, is basically holding our infrastructure hostage to their whims — I’m watching Netflix and Broadchurch from the beginning, in conjunction with the new series.

I have never been able to articulate exactly why Britcrime is so compelling but the word that always comes to mind is it’s restrained. The anger, venegance, and homicidal tendencies are all there, but… restrained. But anyway, back to Broadchurch — have you watched the first series? It’s in a small town, so there’s already an intimacy to every relationship , and everyone knows every suspect, so each development immediately means something, even if it isn’t necessarily because of the case.

Anyway, I bet you’re thinking there’s Britcrime in this week’s recs, but I promise there isn’t!


Is it just me, or is there an influx of books dealing with cyber — all sorts of stuff? I feel like I’ve hit a streak of them recently, but I am also interested in how it’s being portrayed. In this one, it’s the first line that gets me in the blurb: Who is the real victim?

Yes, blurbs can be notoriously misleading, but I am willing to take that line as it stands, which for a cyberbullying story is a powerful hook: Tori answers a call one day to find a stranger asking for a reason not to kill himself. If she doesn’t give a good enough reason, he’ll be the second person she’s caused to take their life as shes currently embroiled in a case where she is accused of cyberbullying someone, and that someone killed themselves. Here’s something else interesting: she begins to question whether this guy is for real. This sounds like a brilliant mindf**k… or an illuminating story about cyberbullying. I think either way, I’ll be happy!


And in general, I think there are many people out there who may have daydreamed this scenario of revenge on gossip journalists!


An actor gets revenge on a gossip journalist! I mean there’s a newspaper called The Daily Ear in this LMAO! Essentially, Adam, an actor whose business has been gossip fodder thanks to Valerie, a journalist, gets his revenge on her by make her secrets — and some of her colleagues — gossip fodder! Because as the line in the blurb says: Even reporters have secrets too!

Does this not sound hilarious!?

I’m no ashamed to say that I stopped skimming the next blurb because one of the characters liked Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have no shame. And then I had shame because I realised I should have stopped and read much earlier.

The Nowhere Girls

…Are Grace, Rosina and Erin, who come together to form an anonymous group that fights the sexist culture at their school. Thing is it starts as a need for some sort of justice for Lucy, a girl who was raped by a group of popular boys and run out of town for daring to speak out. And my hopes for this book are now sky high, so please be good, please be good!

Also, I found the Muslim Bridget Jones.


The Sofia Khan series

Which starts with Sofia Khan is Not Obliged and The Other Half of Happiness. And it follows Sofia who in book one starts writing about being a Muslim woman on the dating scene – which come on, it sounds hilarious doesn’t it? Of course she falls in love and gets married, but that’s not a spoiler because it’s not the story really. This is about what comes after.

So, it’s technically the married Muslim Bridget Jones. I totally dig that.

And last, there’s actual Britcrime! That’s what I get for writing this over two days.

Sometimes I Lie

Is creepy. CREEPY. I mean, look at this blurb:

My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me:

1. I’m in a coma.
2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore.
3. Sometimes I lie.

Kind of spectacularly sets a creeped out, someone-is-going-to-get-screwed-over big time tone, doesn’t it??

That’s it for me today. What strikes your fancy?


  • I’ve been hearing some good reviews about Sometimes I Lie so I think I’ll probably pick it up. Nice variety here and I hope your weather problems and phone problems get sorted out soon.

  • Sometime I Lie sounds really good. I’m always looking for a creepy read.

    I too am a fan Britcrime and love Broadchurch. I devoured the first two seasons, now I’m waiting for three to come on in America. They tried to make an American version of it called Gracepoint–it was the same exact plot line and it even had David Tennant in the same roll– but it was horrible. I couldn’t even make it through the second episode.

  • They remade Broadchurch in the states and it wasn’t great. I wish I had watched the original!!! Sometimes I Lie looks good!!

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