#5Books: I saw a rainbow, but …

#5Books for the week ending 26 March 2017

It’s still raining.

And I mean every day (it’s Thursday) without fail. If it’s not a whole day of rain, it’s a whole afternoon of rain with the sun appearing in the morning to mock you with what you can’t have. And then, you see a rainbow through the window of the train home and you get happy, but then you get off the train and it’s still raining (This was Friday).

I would say that by now, the entirety of Sydney and New South Wales is over the damn rain.

Also, for the record if anyone ever tells you Melbourne has shitty weather – er no. I discovered during these three to four weeks now of incessant rain, that Sydney has about double the rainfall of Melbourne (who has temperamental, changeable weather).


The nerves thing I wrote about last week? Still kind of going on as I wait for a reply, but simmering in the background. So, that’s kind of on hold for now. Thank you everyone for responding to the vaguest of vague blog posts last week!

It’s been a pretty steadily busy week, and I still feel like I’m scrambling to settle down after moving house. Just when you feel like you’re done, you find another box and you’re reminded that no, you’re not really close to being done.

I’ve been getting some out of the blue books for review, and I am finding myself reading books entirely out of my comfort zone/genre because I am curious. I don’t think I would have been this curious last year, but this year I’m like: okay, not an urban fantasy or crime book, but I’ll try it.

Well I start curious, and I start enjoying the book and not DNF-ing it, so I think I can safely say I’m enjoying something new. It’s forcing me to be a diverse reader in the sense that these aren’t genres I would normally read, and as a result, I find myself finding books that are different to what I usually do.

This week, I have some mysteries in here, but also some that are not.

Brigid Quinn, totally a mystery series!

Brigid Quinn series

I found this series because of book 3, A Twist of the Knife which is about Brigid helping a former partner prove the innocence of a man on Death Row. She’s not entirely convinced the guy is innocent, but she believes her friend. Sounds good right? But the series has a whole is much more interesting: book one focuses on her in the FBI, book 2 on her personal life and a mystery that invades it, and book 3 seems to have found a balance with these aspects of the character. The author might, just might have done character development right here, so I am wanting to get into the whole series.

This one, totally not a mystery:

The Party

Not too long ago, or maybe a long time ago, there was a show on MTV called My Sweet Sixteen? My Super Sixteen? I forget the actual name which is hilarious because for close to about a year, MTV and their shows was the only channel I could watch properly when I lived in Amsterdam. But basically, it’s show about ridiculous sweet sixteen birthday parties, and in some cases the brats that got them.

This is not that type of party.

This is the kind of party where horrible shit goes down and the family is left navigating the consequences of the accident at their daughter’s sweet sixteen. And secrets and lies are totally exposed – that of their picture-perfect couple (because you know they will be) and their picture-perfect daughter (because you know she’s definitely not innocent.

Now this is the kind of party I want to read about. Nods.

Third book, totally nothing like my normal sort of mysteries. I swear. I mean, look at the title:

Bad Boy Boogie

The book begins when Jay is released from prison after 25 years for killing a bully, and promptly discovers people want him dead. So far so good. Except his parents have disappeared and he has no idea why he’s a threat to whoever. Also, any woman who is described as a legal Valkyrie, I SO want to know more about. Because yes, that’s Jay’s ex. So yes. It’s a tale of corruption and a long-term mystery that Jay probably never realized he’s in the middle of. So for these reasons and I’m totally not going to lie, that title, I’m ALL OVER THIS.

Alright, this next rec? Horror. I might have to stalk the internet for reviews because I wouldn’t otherwise read horror and I feel like I need to be prepared for all facets of horror. Nods.


It was the idea that there’s an underground black market for arcane things that grabbed me here. I mean, how cool is that? And also reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s How the Maquis Got his Coat Back, so that probably softened by stance against horror. The mystery here is Angela, who enters this world trying to find her lover Vince. Who as it turns out worked for a crime lord providing bizarre objects. I feel like Vince might be a criminal Indiana Jones or something, who has gotten caught by the market’s dark side. So what on earth is a market’s dark side? But also the potential for worldbuilding here seems enormous and I am a sucker for that!

Last, yeah, Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a book. She’s written 22 books actually, all picture books and kind of isn’t jumping the bandwagon of celeb authors, but was already leading the way as it turns out. But whatever you may think of celeb authors, a picture book on selfie culture, is kind of interesting, right?

Me, MySelfie & I: A Cautionary Tale 

This is a story of a mum who receives a phone as a gift, learns about selfies from her daughters and starts to document everything. Which is when the kids teach her the value of you know, NOT doing that and being in the present. This I think can be illuminating and I like that it’s the kids showing the mum the power of the present, because they’re getting their phones and ipads earlier and earlier. I’m really looking forward to this one! (look, this new aunt thing has thinking about books for my nephews as a big plus!)

What do you think of the influx of celeb authors? Are they taking time and attention away from regular authors?

And for the record, I started writing this on Thursday, through Friday and now it’s Sunday and hallelujah, we have SUN! It exists! *

* At least for the next four days and then it’s more rain. ARGH.
** The upside of moving house? Going to IKEA and discovering a whole new world you never ever imagine existed. I have drawer organiser I never knew I needed! And my bookcase has drawers! It is AMAZING people, how did I not know this before?!


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