#5Books: Stretched nerves and writing blocks

#5Books for the week ending 19/3

I’ve discovered this week that I don’t quite have my nerves under control over a certain something. Which I do quite a lot of, but I want this one and so my nerves are out in full force, and … damn.

Do your nerves get the better of you despite your best intentions? Do you ever get them under control? Lay your tips and tricks on me, please? I know this is all bloody vague, but that’s my nerves too because if I say it out loud, then you know, it’s not going to happen.

I know, I know, it’s ridiculous right? But I can’t help feeling it despite rationally knowing, that’s not how real life works. I mean, I’m not the only one that has these quirks right? Rigggght???

So last week there was Adele, and this week there’s book recs. Maybe one day Adele will start a book club and grace us with her book recs? I mean, Emma Watson is doing it, heh.

And as it turns out, Cara Delevingne wrote a book:

Mirror, Mirror

And I fully admit to being curious more than anything. She’s certainly building on her resume these days, and a coming-of-age novel seems like a great place to start. This is the story of four friends, or rather three who are left behind when one of the four commits suicide. While they all react differently, it is Red who tries to find out why Naima died and why she left behind a note saying SorrySuicide is a heavier than I expected topic, but like I said, I am curious. What do you think? Is one too many celebrities trying their hand at writing fiction these days? Or are you excited about this?

A Shattered Circle

This one’s blurb starts as a legal thriller, and ends somewhere else entirely — namely a summer house. When an accident leaves an esteemed judge mentally impaired, it is his wife, Barbara, and his law clerk, Larry, who help him get through each day on the bench. Months pass until someone trying to exonerate a friend in prison discovers Barbara might have information on the case. When the judge is attacked, Barbara takes her husband to their summer house and I am getting vibes of someone trying to get at them at the house, which actually reminds me of every slasher movie ever (and yes, this is how my mind works) and creeps me out. I could be all wrong, who knows. But I can’t say this blurb didn’t grab me. Do you ever ever have intense movie reactions to books ? Because I totally do! 

And then there’s an entirely unconventional conventional thriller called:

Quick Sand

This is about a trial after a school shooting and is set in Stockholm, which is why it piqued my interest. Why is Maja on trial? Your first question would be: what did she do. But the blurb’s last question is: what didn’t she do? Totally worth the recommendation, I think.

And now, for an Asian art mystery:

A Head In Cambodia

The author, Nancy Tingley, is an Asian art expert, so I am expecting a marvellous, detailed mystery here. Jenna Murphy is a curator, who receives the head off a famous statue of Radha, the consort of the Indian deity Krishna. But then an expert collector is decapitated and Jenna finds herself trying to find out what happened, and travelling to Thailand and Cambodia. I am seriously hoping the author nails these locations in her book, because they, along with the art history is why I want to read this!

And, last I identified with this character, but I am half expecting a ending I’m not going to like much:

All Grown Up

Admitting you’re single is volatile territory, admitting you don’t know if you want to have kids and you’re female? Entirely explosive. Or condescending. This is the story of single Andrea, who is figuring herself out. She’s 39 and I think a WIP like most of us are. Surrounding her is a diverse cast of characters, and one little newborn niece who happens to have been born with an ailment, and I suspect that is going to hurt. But, this is what causes a re-examination of life and love for Andrea and her family, and I really don’t want it to be why she decides to have a kid. Parents are the bravest, most toughest people out there, but not everyone is cut out to be a parent. And that’s okay… I might have talked myself into dreading this! #WOOPS.

Alright that’s me — what are you hanging out for this week?


  • Ah sorry about the nerves! I wish I had any tips or tricks, but I’m still trying to figure it out myself.
    I am super intrigued by the book by Cara Delevigne. I like her as an actress but for her writing I guess we’ll have to wait and read the book to be able to judge 🙂

    • Verushka says:

      No worries, it’s comforting knowing I have some company in my nervous state lol! i have not seen her in anything, but I’ve been noticing the types of projects she’s doing and growing every more curious about her. Still trying to work past my preconceived notions of her as a model I think.

  • Angela says:

    I hope you start feeling better soon! I also don’t like the say things out loud for fear that they may not come true. Hopefully some good books will distract you for a bit?

    These are great recommendations this week!

    • Verushka says:

      That’s my working theory Angela! The recommendations are a great distraction. I feel like I need to get back to normal after a huge couple of weeks too!

  • Sorry about the nerves!! I like the sound of All Grown Up!!

  • Greg says:

    I am curious about that Cara Delavinge book! It sounds good. and good luck with the nerves thing- you’re not alone! Hope everything works out. 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    I’m super intrigued about Mirror Mirror and wonder if she had help writing it like so many celebrity turned authors. All Grown Up is one I would be interested in reading too. I think as a woman in my thirties although married, there’s so much pressure placed upon women about having kids, especially from friends who are parents and family members and I’m hoping her decision is because she wanted to have a child and no ulterior motives.

  • I think our nerves get the best of all of us sometimes. No one is perfect or put together all the time!

    Hmmm, I’m concerned about that All Grown Up book too from what you said. To have a character not want kids or not be sure but then have some specific thing happen that changes her mind… that just reinforces the whole “women always want kids even when they say they don’t” thing, and a decision to have kids should be because you want kids and are willing to put in the effort of raising them. So depending on how it’s handled in the book… I see why you’re dreading it lol, but maybe it’ll turn out good!

  • yup don’t get me started with All Grown Up’s premise!!! I ADORE my kids and I’m still not sure I should have had kids. Not being sure about being a parent is a VERY valid position like any other. So why society have it down to make women feel guilty about EVERYTHING??? SMH!

  • Oh, Quick Sand sounds like it has the potential to be a fantastic read. Very curious to know what she didn’t do. I’m really sorry to hear about the nerves. Mine get the better of me all the time. I’ve tried yoga and meditation but can’t say that I’ve had tremendous success with either, although I am liking the meditation app Headspace. I’m still on level 1 so I haven’t had to pay for it yet, so we’ll see if I continued once I have to cough up some cash, haha!

  • Interesting that Cara wrote a book. I’m not really sure about celebs writing fiction; it just seems TOO easy for them to do so and they might not be great writers, so I hate that. We’ll see though.

    Quicksand sounds awesome – adding to wish list. I’m fascinated by books that deal with school shootings, and I like books set in other countries than my own.

  • My nerves definitely get the better of me sometimes, usually when I’m about to give an important presentation (UGH the WORST!). Unfortunately I don’t have any good tips, just an expression of solidarity. Sending good vibes your way!

    Quicksand sounds amazing! I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye out for that one.

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