#5Books: We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog recs to bring you a post where I wax lyrical about Adele


I’ve had a blog snafu this Sunday so your regularly scheduled #5Books recommendations are taking this Monday off. Instead, I’m going to wax lyrical about Adele.

Which for the record, even though I was up in the nosebleeds, I could not get over the fact that I was watching ADELE. Given that she’s mentioned it took her 10 years to get here, it might very well be another 10 years until she comes back.

But, she’s every bit as down-to-earth and funny and yes, a potty-mouth too that you’ve heard about. Her voice is exquisite and she moved the entire time she was on the stage, from one side to the other. Bless her heart and her cardio regime lol

Her voice. Lord. If you ever have a chance to go see her, please do. She’s just amazing — there are no bells and whistles in her concerts, and it’s all her holding the audience in the palm of her hand

Is transport ridiculously bad where you are too come big concerts? Getting to it was pretty good, but oh my goodness, I think I left the concert venue at 11 and maybe got home at 2-ish, or thereabouts. Is that normal?

There was a wee bit of excitement at the concert too when — well not excitement, a full on fight. Two women decided to go at it, and then some genius on the other side of the stands, throws a bottle, it bounces off someone’s head and hits another woman in the eye. At the last song, Someone Like You. Sobs.

Thankfully the woman who was hit was okay, but even as Adele was singing her heart out and the concert was ending people were calling for security.

That said. Adele. I actually saw Adele. I may never get over that AHHHH!!!

What’s your favourite concert you’ve been to? Or want to go to?! 


  • I’m glad your blog is working again 🙂

    That’s awesome that you got to see Adele! And I’m glad the concert was so great! Yeah, concerts and big events are always a mess afterward, and it takes forever just to get home. That’s why my family would always try to leave events during the last song or whatever if possible, to beat the rush. Sounds like you had a great time though, regardless of the traffic leaving!

  • Oh, you lucky girl, you! I don’t care how high I’d have to be, I’d love to see her! That’s crazy about the fight, though. The best concert I’ve been to is Rammstein, my favorite band. Garth Brooks puts on a damn good show too.

  • Oh that is amazing you got to see her – so jealous!! I can imagine she sounds amazing live. My favorite concert would have to be one of my many times I saw Billy Joel. I just love him 🙂

  • Amazing! I love Adele so much! I think my favorite concert experience to date is hands down Bruce Springsteen. Saw him a couple of years ago and was just completely blown away by him.

  • Greg says:

    I used to go to a lot of concerts but I’m not sure my favorite? Hmm. Adele sounds fabulous and that’s crazy about the fight… and bottle throwing. But yeah it always takes forever to get home afterward… fabulous pic!

  • Gah, I’m so jealous. I would LOVE to see Adele live. I’m glad you had the chance and had a great time, despite the fight breaking out at the end. 🙂

  • Wow, I love Adele. I think her voice is awesome and I could just listen to her for hours. I don’t really go to concerns much any more but went to tons when I was in high school/college. I saw Bon Jovi, Poison, Whitesnake (yes it was hairband season), Rick Springfield, Bryan Adams, Hall and Oates, Aerosmith, Van Halen, and a bunch of others. My husband and I always said the only concert we would go to now is Prince and well, you know how that ended. So glad you got to see Adele and hopefully it won’t be 10 years before you see her again.

  • Kelly says:

    She’s magnificent, I’m so disappointed I missed out on tickets. Wow, sounds like they let a few ferals in, I hope they didn’t ruin your experience on the night. I think for concerts, they should put on extra trains like the footy. Most people don’t want to drive into the city and look for parking. It sounds like you had a wonderful night Verushka, thank you for sharing it with us <3

  • Ahhhhh! You lucky fish!!! I’m so jealous and it sounds like it was an amazing concert (except for the fight at the end! SMH).

    I loved seeing P!nk live a few years ago and I also loved watching Bon Jovi live – although they were completely different experiences!

    Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you had a great night, although I’m sorry about the commute time afterwards!!

  • Oh my god ADELE!!! It’s so great that you got to watch her, I don’t think I ever will LOL. :c I’m watching Coldplay in Bangkok this year though so that’s something to look forward to! So far my favorite concert has been Maroon 5. 🙂

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