Miss Sloane Movie Review

Miss Sloane Movie Review

Miss Sloane is the story of Elizabeth Sloane who is a ruthless lobbyist, wheeling and dealing her way through her career and life. Her career is killing her, what with the pills she’s taking and the chronic insomnia. The movie begins when she leaves her job to go to work for a smaller firm to help the gun lobby pass a bill for stricter background checks.

It was less difficult than I thought keeping up with the politics of this movie, with the snappy dialogue making this accessible to a non-American audience. You can’t help but think of the BS going on there with Trump right now and the utter mystifying nonsense spouted in defence of the right to bear arms etc etc … you know the drill. Why more detailed background checks making it safer for you and others like you to enjoy guns drives so many people nuts, I’ll never understand.

The movie is a long con, with Elizabeth and her old firm working against each other, double-dealing and screwing each other over to get the votes to pass gun legislation and prevent it from passing respectively.

Forgetting the wheeling and dealing, the entire movie rests on Jessica Chastain’s capable shoulders and she absolutely dominates every scene she’s in — and it’s glorious. Mark Strong delivers a restrained performance as her new boss, Schmidt, working with her to get the gun legislation passed. And Gugu Mbatha-Raw is luminous as a Esme, a coworker with secrets of her own.

The ending reveals Elizabeth to be a master manipulator, and more self-aware than the movie gives her credit for being through it.

Jessica Chastain needs to be in more movies where she’s squishing idiots under her very lethal heels.


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