#5Books: It rained on moving day, because of course it did

#5books for the week ending 5 March

In case you missed it, I moved house this weekend. And of course, it rained. Buckets. Because of course it did. ARGH.

I’m taking refuge in Goodreads and my newsletters and my recs. Because. Well. It was a long week. Nods.

So I have a bit of an anxiety thing. It’s not nearly as bad as others out there, and in all honesty, I just admitted it to myself recently. But, it’s under control as much as it can be, though there are times when I don’t have any control whatsoever, but those are getting fewer and further inbetween. But, that’s why this caught me off guard with how much I wanted to read it:

10 Things I can see From here

Maeve and Salix. SALLLIX. I keep saying that name because it rolls off the tongue so well! But this story is about Maeve and her anxiety and how her world — new city, no best friend (AKA Mom), step-sibling’s impending birth and Sallllix — is out of her control and how she realises… I’m not sure what she realises to be honest, because I can’t quite understand the last line of the blurb: Will she be able to navigate through all the chaos to be there for the people she loves? I don’t know why, but the mentions of Salix previously in the blurb make me wonder if it’s one-true-love that makes her anxiety go away? I’m curious, but I’m also somewhat wary because there’s nothing to indicate how the author handles the anxiety. Or maybe I’m over thinking this. Bottom line: I’m torn. Nods.

So Krysten Ritter AKA Jessica Jones (which if you haven’t you so have to WATCH) wrote a book. Nods. To be more certain, it’s


And it’s somewhat unexpected, which I know is a bad thing to say because it means I’m somewhat judging her book by her character, but there you go lol! It’s a legal/mystery/thriller of sorts, and I promise, the blurb makes more sense than I do: Abby is a lawyer — an enviromental lawyer to be exact, and that takes her back to her hometown, to investigate a plastics compamy — the too-big-to-fail kind that has whole towns spring out around it. There, she finds her investigation touching on the 10-year old disappearance of a popular girl that was the town’s scandal. So, how do the two mesh? And the environmental angle — that I did expect either. I am waiting for my expectations to be exceeded. Heh.

And this is an example of when the Goodreads blurb goes bad. Because Exhibit one, is what I read and got my interest, and Exhibit two is the Goodreads blurb and they are so far removed from each other, I can’t even. In fact, the Goodreads blurb gives me no real clue that it’s about a cult, cult leader and the woman who sticks with him, while the second link creeps me the hell out and still part of me wants to read this book:

The Follower. 

There’s a book that shall remain nameless because I enjoyed the first in the series so much… but the second one is … slow. BUT, I am still quite taken by the idea of the Pinkerton Detectives, AND to be exact, the first lady detective with the agency. That’s what this book is about:

Girl in Disguise

Inspired by the real Kate Warne, this literary Kate Warne is a widow, with a knack for deception. Which naturally, lends itself to the idea of a detective. Except she’s real, which if you go by the blurb should be enough to keep people hooked, because it doesn’t say much at all about anything else like the cases/s she’s involved in. But, the idea that is a real woman … I want to know more. I want to know about this woman that defied convention. 

And last:


Buzzfeed is the site I go to when I need a laugh and some destressing, so when I read a culture writer wrote a book, about one of the most over-used words/concepts ever, I thought Yeah, I want to read this! There is your cast of funny, almost too-quirky characters who get involved in a scandal, and well, that the blurb has this last line:  technology’s inability to hack human nature, has stuck in my head. This can be very good, or mildly good or just BAD, but I think the humour might save it.

Now excuse me, while I go unpack. SIGHS. Tell me what you’re looking forward to!


  • I stopped reading GR blurbs because I found they were spoiling too much for me. Kinda like those movie trailers that giveaway the entire film. Or else they misled me 🙁 Good luck with the unpacking!

    • Verushka says:

      Oh how I wish I could quit them but I can’t quite let go. The reviews though, I do trust but sometimes they give away too much too. Sighs. Where do you go for the best reviews/blurbs?

  • Moving house sucks at the best of times, in the rain it’s pure hell. I completely understand your pain as it’s happened to me too (although I didn’t own much at the time, so it wasn’t completely horrific). I love Krysten Ritter so I’m super intrigued by Bonfire!

    • Verushka says:

      I CANNOT WAIT FOR ALL THINGS JESSICA JONES THIS YEAR. pardon the caps 🙂 the first season was absolutely brilliant so it’s fuelling my excitement over this one! I think it’s a universe rule that moving SUCKS

  • I’m sorry it rained on your moving day! That just makes everything so much worse.

    Ooh Krysten Ritter wrote a book? Color me intrigued!

    • Verushka says:

      It’s still raining would you believe. Makes me wonder what winter will be like hm. Going to see Adele this Friday and ALL I WANT IS FOR IT TO BE DRY.

  • Krysten Ritter graduated from the same high school as my dad. Just throwing that out there. It’s a SUPER small town- think boonies- so this is kind of a big deal 😉 Apparently, after some Googling, it also turns out that she was discovered at our local mall. Which is just funny because… well, “mall” is a generous term.

    I read 10 Things I Can See From Here. I think the handling of the anxiety was decent. I liked Maeve and Salix, but I didn’t love how easily Maeve got “better” to be with Salix, if that makes sense? Also her parents were such hot messes. But I liked it, if that helps?

    Sorry about the soggy move, too. That is the WORST, blech! Hope you’re relaxing now!

    • Verushka says:

      Gurrrrrrl, it’s totally a big deal! 😉 Go get all the goss from your dad lol I was hoping the authority didn’t magically make maeve better Bc of Salix sighs. There goes that idea 🙁

  • Kelly says:

    Ten Things I can see From Here is one I’m interested in too Verushka, I haven’t heard much about it so waiting for reviews from trusted bloggers such as yourself before buying a copy. Fingers crossed because it sounds not too bad. Ugh, moving can be horribly stressful and can leave you feeling anxious. I hope you’re settling well into the new house and those stress levels start to go down soon <3 <3

  • Sorry it rained on your moving day. Moving sucks in general and then to have it rain on top of things. At least you’ve found some good books here. I’m surprised Kristen Ritter wrote a book. I also haven’t watched Jessica Jones (ducks head) but do plan on doing so eventually. I just started watching Santa Clarita Diet last night and to say it’s odd is an understatement. Hope you get settled quickly!

  • Angela says:

    I’m sorry that your move was such a pain! I hope you’re settling in nicely now!

    I did not know that Krysten Ritter wrote a book – I love her and might have to check this out!

  • “Technology’s inability to hack human nature” is such a great line! But ha, I agree, that book could either go really well or really badly.

    It’s unfortunate when blurbs are poorly written and either don’t actually tell you what the book is about or give you the wrong idea. Imagine if you hadn’t seen that other site, you wouldn’t have even known the book sounded good, and they’d have lost a reader!

    Sorry the move was so stressful, hope everything is calming down and better now 🙂

  • Maria Behar says:

    Oh, Verushka…..so sorry you had to deal with rain, of ALL things, on moving day…. But I’m glad you finally got through it! 🙂

    Of the books you’ve mentioned here, I’m very interested in “Girl In Disguise” and “Startup”. I really like that phrase that has stuck in your head, “technology’s inability to hack human nature”. What an amazingly creative use of words! This phrase says so much in a short, metaphorical grouping of words. Love it! So, any writer who can come up with something like THIS, is well worth reading! As for “Girl In Disguise”, well, I like it because a female detective is involved. After all, why should male detectives have all the fun of solving mysterious, perplexing crimes? Lol.

    Thanks for sharing!! Hope you’re all settled in! <3 🙂

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