#LoveOzYA is all sorts of diverse: #ReadAsianOz & #ReadMuslimOz

ReadAsianOz ReadMuslimOz poster

I had read over on Happy Indulgence about #ReadAsianOz but earlier this week Danielle Binks over on Alpha Reader shared these beauties with me,

#ReadAsianOz and #ReadMuslimOz highlight Australian Asian authors and Australian Muslim authors — have you read any authors?? Alice Pung’s Laurinda and When Michael met Mina by  Randa Abdel-Fattah were absolutely brilliant reads.

Which ones will be on your TBR? 


  • nope I don’t think I have read many Australian authors and that should change! I’ll start with When Michael met Mina since you gave it five stars and it’s about multiculturalism. I’ve been craving a refugee story lately. Thanks for the reviews and recommendations!

    • Verushka says:

      It’s so good, OMG, SO GOOD. I think it tries to simplify a complicated issues and make it relatable to its audience… and I totally think it succeeds. I want to draw hearts around it <3

  • I saw someone on YouTube say fantastic things about When Michael Met Mina, and apparently Does My Head Look Big in This? is also amazing. I really want to read the latter, because it’s been an age since I’ve read from a Muslim character’s POV.

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