#LoveOzLit: Anne Buist is going to have a MASSIVE 2017

#LoveOzLit: Anne Buist on what 2017 holds for her

Left Right: when couple in love writes a romantic comedy

While Anne Buist’s Natalie King trilogy might be drawing to a close, I am intrigued by Left Right, which she is coauthoring with her husband Graeme Simsion. It’s a romance about a couple who meet on a famous pilgrim walk through France and Spain. Think romantic comedy goodness! There will be alternate chapters from the male and female characters written by this wonderfully, romantic couple. (seriously read interviews with one or the other, they’re #relationshipgoals!)

That wasn’t all she wrote though

Sadly, my design skills are not up to par to truly show off Anne’s always brilliant quotes, so what follows a some book recs from Anne, and a discussion of literary festivals that is going to make you green with envy.

What is she looking forward to reading this year?

I’m looking forward to: Michael Robotham has a new book out late this year which I will be counting down for. Hopefully another with his hero Joe O’Loughlin, though after the last I’m getting worried what he might do to poor Joe and his family!

I feel somewhat inadequate not having read Michael Robotham now. Have you read his books? Because I looked up the series — even though I admit to being slightly wary of the things Robotham seems to put Joe and his family through — and found myself intrigued by book 1 of the series: Suspect

Joe is a psychiatrist, who is suffering from Parkinson’s, when he is called in on a murder investigation. Turns out the victim is someone he knows… and Joe finds himself telling the police a lie., that seems to spiral out of control.

Sounds good doesn’t it?? 

Literary festival appearances

Specific literary festival: Bradford in the UK at the beginning of July. Sounds diverse and wonderful. I presented at Cheltenham in 2016 and loved that, so this will be the second British literary festival I’ll have gone to.

I am so jealous right now. These are two fesitvals I would LOVE to go to! What about you? What literary fesitval is on your radar??


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