Salads All Year Round: Book Review

Salads All Year Round Book Review

What is this about: My desire to not make the same thing for lunch and to try something different. Nods.

What else is this about?: Just me and m,y eating habits!

Stars: A well-satisfied 4, I think. Nods.

I’m a lazy eater. Or is it lazy maker of lunches? Not quite sure, but if I could get all the 15-30 minutes cookbooks in a searchable database, I would be thoroughly happy. Thinking about lunch every day drives me nuts. It really does. I don’t have the time to get wondering about it the night before – I have better things to be doing like loudly proclaiming my distaste for My Kitchen Rules’ most recent cardboard cutout villain – prepare yourself world, it’s finally sold its foreign rights – or the interminable beginning rounds of Masterchef Australia where everyone has a sob story – which yes, I go AWW with them every damn year.

About one of the fastest things I can make and be healthy is a salad. Which yes, terribly exciting I hear you say, but it actually can be. Lunch today was dates, Asian salad mix, lettuce, chickpeas and green beans. Best part, no cooking, all just put together at work. Voila! Then there was the watermelon salad, which was pretty good in the middle of the heatwave we were having, and the apple, fig and pear salad.

Interestingly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got the comment “That’s so healthy!” from people at lunch at my different workplaces. Am I supposed to be not healthy? It’s said in a weird tone, like they’re trying to make me feel better for being healthy. It happened so much at one workplace, I deliberately when to prep lunch when the kitchen was empty. I still don’t get it. It’s never followed up by actual questions on what’s in the salad, it’s just that.

As you can tell, I’m not the food blogger of your dreams. I’m the quick and dirty foodie, who wants to spend more time watching Masterchef and MKR. I know, I can hear you laughing from here. But it’s the truth, I get home from work late and if I can put something in the oven and not thinking about it or do a salad in 20 minutes, I’m sold. So I was not expecting to get Salads All Year Round, but I most certainly glad I did. Thanks Murdoch Books!

A woman cannot exist on salad alone, and God knows I’ve been guilty of making unhealthy salads, but this gem with its bright pictures and easy recipes is actually quite fun! The photo up there is of a fig, apple and pear salad, soaked in a dressing made of white wine vinegar and sugar and stirred on the stove until it becomes a syrup. It’s easy!

That’s the attraction here – I want easy. And this book provides if you’re in the mood for a salad as a main or side. I will admit, it would provide more if it also added substitutes for the ingredients you may not have, but that’s a minor quibble.

The book is divided into main ingredients, that is, vegetables, fish and prawns, poultry and meat and fruit and cheese you get the drift right? So you don’t have to go paging through the book or the index to find what you’re looking for. Some recipes are too much for a lunch at work, and others would work, I think, but that’s up to you.

It’s hardly the most exciting cookbook in the world, I’ll give you that, but it kind of hits the spot for me. It’s easy to pick which section you want to be delving into and making a dressing from scratch isn’t really that intimidating (thankfully). 

I’m definitely not the food blogger of your dreams. But I want to be healthy and since I get home late, I want something quick and easy. And this hits the spot! 


  • I LOVE SALADS. So I would probably love this cookbook lol. It annoys me that salads have such a bad rap, that people automatically assume they’re boring and don’t taste good. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told I eat rabbit food just for eating fruits and veggies -_- Glad this was such a good book for you!

  • Drangonfly says:

    Ah another lazy maker of lunches! Like me! Almost everything I cook HAS to be under 20 minutes because I really really really have no time to cook. Though I love to cook. And I love salads. And even tough seriously, they don’t rank very high in my list of “exciting things to cook” 🙂 I LIKE TO MAKE SALADS 🙂
    Ha! funny I don’t think I’m anyone’s food blogger either. I have never reviews food books but boy you make it sound fun! 🙂

  • Great post. I like salads, but I find that when I try to make them myself, it just doesn’t taste as good as a restaurant. I love this idea though. I’m in a diet program right now and I need to find healthier things to eat, and easy works for me.

  • I relate to this post so much! I love food but hate to cook and ‘m so lazy when it comes to making my lunches everyday. I love salads but I get bored with them quickly because I always seem to put the exact same ingredients in. It actually never occurred to me that there might be a salad cookbook out there with recipes, so I’m intrigued by this book. Great review!

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