#5Books: That time Tom Hanks wrote a book

#5Books for the week ending 26 Feb

And so did Andrew McCarthy, but we’ll get to him soon enough too!

But first, how’s everyone’s week been? Good I hope? I’ve had a horrible Thursday and Friday, wherein I left the office and all I wanted was to have a drink and shut my brain off. And it’s always bad when I’m in that mood because I don’t drink. Unless I’m having a bad, bad day. It’s entirely plausible it’s my own fault because I tend to let my anxiety get the better of me in situations like this: new job, new responsibilities. Is that just me?

At any rate, it’s the weekend — YAY. That is all.

On to the reading slump — yes, I am kind of out of it, I think. Maybe? It helped that I went to a book launch and started reading a memoir of sorts — a love story really. Or a love letter from Catherine Anderson about the man she loved, Angus McDonald. He was a photojournalist, the kind of wandering soul (much like she is) who you always imagine you might like to be one day: you know, drop everything and head off to India for a year — that sort of thing.

And it kind of got me out of a slump. Or I completely devoured the book.

So there’s been progress — I just needed the right book or book event as the case may be. What was the weirdest most unexpected thing that got you out of your slump?

And if that didn’t do it, I have to admit the thought that Tom Hanks wrote a collection of short stories did. Recently, I realised I missed seeing his face on the movie screen near me, and I was determined to see something with him in it. Unfortunately, that was Inferno, which I wanted so desperately to be good but wasn’t. And then there was Sully, which was better than I thought.

So I came out even there. But then I found an app he made — a word processing app called Hanx Writer — because of course it is — and it is the best! It’s a old fashioned typewriter wordprocessing app. And there are sounds. So yes, I am tickled.

The book’s stories all have a typewriter in them, because incase you missed it Hanx likes them. Alot.

Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Hanks

It includes stories about an immigrant arriving in NYC, a man who keeps bowling a perfect game and becomes ESPN’s newest celebrity — because of course he does. And of course, a story about the life of an actor.

You have to admit, you’re curious!

Second, well — who’s read Truman Capote?

Not me, that’s for sure. But here I am recommending this book:

No Saints in Kansas.

This is a retelling of In Cold Blood, which seems to be a true crime sort of book about the murder of the Clutter family. No Saints in Kansas is about the same case. This has a character called Carly, which I don’t think is in Capote’s book. Blasphemous? I don’t much care, but it does give the author an interesting POV into the story: Carly is the outsider, a friend of Nancy’s, one of the Clutter family. Nancy’s boyfriend is Bobby, who is accused of the murder (I think?) and Carly sets about to prove his innocence… but then all of that is undone by the last lines of the blurb: that when the real killers are found, the town turns against her and her father, who is defending them. As in the killers. I am confused and intrigued.  I am also wondering if I should be reading the Truman Capote book first?

I cannot get enough of this series:

Greedy Pigs by Matt Wallace

It’s about a catering company to the supernatural world and it’s feeding my unholy addiction to cooking reality TV shows, namely My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef Australia. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Heh. In this installment, the crew at Sin Du Jour gets involved in politics when they accidentally cater a meal for the President. The real one, not the President of the Shadow Government, which as it turns out oversees the co-existence of the natural and the supernatural worlds. And of course, they’re the VIPs that are actually under threat… from an unlikely source. UNLIKELY. So in a world of supernaturals that could mean anything, up to and including God. Who made an appearance in book 1. Matt Wallace tend to live up the adage that anything is possible!

Like I said, Andrew McCarthy, he of the Brat Pack in the 1980s, wrote a book, and an unexpected one at that.

Just Fly Away

Lily is 15 when she discovers her father cheated on her mother, who in turn simply accepted that. How did Lily find out? Because she realises that Thomas, an 8-year-old boy is her half-brother. And he lives in the same town as her family. Thing is, it kind of seems like she’s the last person to know because like her mother, her sister isn’t shocked by the news. And it is her grandfather that’s the one who can explain all of her family’s secrets and lies… and all I can think is: how can he explain why his son is a cheater???

And last THIS was the bright spot in my afternoon:

A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne

GIANTS. Kevin Hearne is leaving the Iron Druid series for  a bit and venturing into an epic new fantasy involving giants. And a war and there’s magic, and creatures and humans who band together to fight the giants. That’s all I know and that’s all I need to know! Hearne’s books are consistently GOOD and I have no trouble diving into this knowing only that. Nods. PS how gorgeous is the cover?!

Which authors’ books do you not need to know much about before you’ll dive right into their newest!?


  • I did not know that Tom Hanks wrote a book. How interesting! I am a little curious 😛

  • Sorry for the bad days 🙁 Glad you are out of the slump. I remember seeing the cover for Just Fly Away nd wondering if it was the actor Andrew McCarthy wrote it. Now I know it is!! Sounds interesting too. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Angela says:

    Ah, I love Tom Hanks! I may have to check this book out!

  • Lily B says:

    aww sorry it’s been rough 🙁 I hope things go a bit better for you, at work and packing and reading front! New jobs are always stressful, but once you get passed that adjustment period, hopefully everything will be smoother.

    I didn’t know Tom Hanks wrote a book 😀 that is quite interesting

  • I saw The Plague of Giants cover last week as well and am very intrigued. I LOVE Matt Wallace (of course you probably know that) and believe more people should be reading his Sin du Jour series. I didn’t know Tom Hanks wrote a book, or Andrew McCarthy for that fact. I have a fiction book which was written by Rick Springfield (because yes, I love him too) and it’s even signed but I’ve only read the first chapter. It’s pretty weird, which I’m sure means I will like it, I just never made time for it.

  • Oh wow I didn’t know Tom Hanks wrote a book but I did read in some article that he reaaallly loves his typewriters 😛 <33 I'm thinking I should pick up the book 🙂 Thatks for the great recommendations!

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