#5Books: That time I couldn’t figure out what to read or listen to

#5Books for the week ending 19 Feb 2017

Am I in a slump? I don’t know. I can’t decide what to read and the audiobooks I’ve been busting to get to are just blah. Or to be more accurate: everything I want to read just isn’t doing it for me. I start the book and then I think to myself: I’m not interested in this.

And then a few minutes later, I ask myself: am I not interested in this?

That’s weird right? What’s the weirdest reading slump you’ve been in and how did you get out of it?

My one consolation is that I am making a list of books to read… if I ever get into the mood of reading them.

… I’m weird right?

Here there be book recs:

The only reason this first book is on my list this week is because the main character kind of reminds me of Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. The 3.5 paragraphs of prattle about how good the author is, about the other books that it’s comparable to… blah blah blah. Am I setting myself up for a fall?

The second book rec this week is about a sister and her brother and the secrets they have. It’s the story of family, the 90s and the AIDS epidemic.

Third, third is about gun violence, about what happens 10 years after a young boy accidentally kills his sister.

Fourth is another Australian novel, one that’s a mystery, with a dash of magic., and it revolves around the women in the family.

The One-Eyed Man

There really is three paragraphs of prattle before the blurb actually gets to what the book is actually about. I know exactly that has driven me MAD and I’ve ditched a book before for exactly that. Mercifully, I saw this one reviewed on a different site and then I went to the Goodreads page to see its rating and got smacked upside the head with the three Paragraphs of Doom. The book however is about K, a guy who talks in truths and nothing but after losing his wife. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work like that and no one quite understands him so they remain pissed off instead. So, this is about him trying to understand the world, to make sense of it within the context of his grief. I apologise, the three paragraphs of prattle robbed my of words to articulate how much I actually love the idea of Drax roaming the world and reminding it of a couple of truths it wouldn’t necessarily want to hear. Nods.

The Things We Promise

This is the story of Gemma who wants the perfect formal — it’s the Australian version of a prom — and her brother Billy comes home just to weave his make-up magic on her and her friends for the big day. Which is about when secrets, lots and lots of secrets come out. I think Billy has AIDS because that’s what an entirely different summary says. Family secrets of all kinds, so I think I can safely say this one is going to break my heart,  I know it.


Alright, the title is heavy handed, I admit, but I’ve read Barry Lyga’s Jasper Dent series, and he is a superb author. Superb. So I was immediately caught by this book when I saw who was the author: 10 years after he accidentally killed his baby sister, Sebastian wants to fix everything. He wants to make up for his past. And he thinks the only way to do that is with a gun. But what does that mean exactly? Is he going to hurt someone else? Is he going to hurt himself? Whatever it is, I think this is a story worth reading. 

To the Sea

Zoe Kennett is missing, and Detective Tony Vincent is there to investigate. But this is where it gets interesting: the story is told by four women, who explain … well, a tale that spans centuries and continents. So how does that work? How do myth and history come together to explain how Zoe disappeared? See? Confusing like crazy, but I want to know how it works out. I feel like I’m asking for trouble, and everything about this might irritate me, but I still want to know. How does that work?!

… and that’s where I’m stopping tonight because I’m feeling weird, and I can’t still can’t figure out why nothing I liked last week works for me this week. Sighs. 

No, really — how do you get out of weird slumps that don’t seem to make sense?


  • Oh man, reading slumps are the worst. Lists can definitely help though! I’m a list-maker as well, so I understand that. 😀 When I’m in reading slumps, I usually head straight for a steamy adult romance novel. OR, I reread some of my favorite books (adult, YA, NA, whatever). Rereads can be so cleansing sometimes, with the familiarity.

    Happy reading, Verushka! Have a lovely week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Verushka says:

      They are. I started and stopped so many books I knew I WANTED. Sighs. I think my frustration got the better of me and I totally didn’t even think of re-reading anything!

  • Maria Behar says:

    Oh, I know the feeling…..I get it every time I look at my bulging bookshelves and think, “Okay, what am I going to read next?” And then I can’t decide! That’s because there are SO many books I see sitting on my shelves that I want to read, and I just don’t have the time…..and then DESPAIR hits me. So you’re not alone in this, although the reason for your reading slump might not be exactly the same as mine.

    I guess what I have to do — and I recommend this to you, as well — is pick three or four books from the shelves, put them on a table (or on my bed) in front of me, shut my eyes, shuffle them around, and then put my hand on one of them. THAT will be the book I read next! Hmmmm….this idea just came to me; I’ve never done this before, lol. But heck, you could try it, too. The problem now is, WHICH three or four books to pick for this little routine?! LMAO!!!!!!

    Of the books you have listed above, I might try “To The Sea”. I also like the cover. The other books just sound too depressing for me, to be honest.

    Hope you get out of your reading slump soon! Maybe the little ritual I’ve detailed here would work for you!! <3 🙂

    • Verushka says:

      Haaaa, Maria, that has got to be the best way of making a decision about what to read next Mostly, I just kept stopping and starting my reading trying to figure out which ones didn’t frustrate me!

  • Sorry about the slump. That is the worst .. Hope you break out of it soon!! The Things We Promise sounds pretty good. hanks for sharing 🙂

  • sorry you are dealing with a reading slump. those are never fun! I have Bang on my to-read list already. I’m really curious!

  • Greg says:

    I’m not really in a slump per se but I’ve had a few good books and now the one I’m in is just okay, and I’m not super motivated to read it. And the ones I have coming up after it I’m looking forward to… so I just have to get through this one. Hope your reading pans out too… 🙂

    • Verushka says:

      I hear you — that definitely happens to be too. Did you get through it? Was it worth it in the end? I find it so hard to stay motivated to read when a book doesn’t grab ASAP. Am I being too demanding???

  • I’m not familiar with any of these but To The Sea sounds pretty interesting. Hope you get out of your slump soon.

  • Ugh, reading slumps are truly the worst. I hope you get out of yours soon. I seem to be in a rut where every book I’m reading is just okay, nothing spectacular. Your recs still sound pretty intriguing though. Bang caught my eye because gun violence is always such a big topic in the news here.

  • Ugh – that’s totally a slump. Reading slumps are the WORST. I hate it when NOTHING on your TBR looks appealing and I hate it when whatever you’re reading is just tasteless.

    The only way I can get out of that is read something short or totally out of my norm… Or an old favourite series. Normally by the time I finish that I’m good to read again.

    To The Sea sounds a bit crazy but like it might juuust help you with your slump. What do you think?

    I hope your slump is over by now, but if not I hope it’s gone soon! How did you get out of it??

  • I hear you. My life is a perpetual reading slump. I came to terms with the fact I’m a reader with a chronic reading condition. Hope you find the perfect book soon! For me PNR usually makes it. I only read PNR with I’m in a reading slump 😛

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