#5Books: I’m Melting!

#5Books for the week ending 12 Feb

It reached close to 45-50 degrees celsius this weekend, and if anyone dares say climate change isn’t real, I plan to smack them upside the head. I didn’t do much besides find a fan and not move from in front of it.

That said? It was still less icky than it has been because the humidity was finally low. I know, I’m weird. It’s hot, but it’s the humidity that drives me nuts more.

I tried to watch Legion this week, you know thew new-fangled FX show (yes we are actually getting almost on part with the US) that is supposed to rejuvenate X-Men? And discovered coming in half-way just got me confused. Is anyone else watching it btw? I still don’t quite know what it’s about.

I was absolutely THRILLED to receive a copy of Traitor to the Throne in the mail this week! You’ve all seen how pretty the cover is right? *is giddy*

That said, I am LOVING that third book in a favourite series of mine is my first rec this week. Which given that book two was just out how HOW do authors churn out books this fast!? No complaints, more like awe — how do they do it?

The second book rec this week has  a hyperactive Shih Tzu named Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a secret mission involving a 1987 Playboy. But, really that adds to its charm.

The third book is about magic, about bringing it back to our world and D.O.D.O. Because every secret agency needs an acronym.

Fourth is an intriguing mystery about a woman on the run and who happens to be an expert at handwriting. We meet her when she’s asked to analyse the handwriting of a suicide note… but this is where it gets confusing, because I think it becomes about her more than the case.

And last, what if you knew your death date? Yeah, the day you die, like everyone is supposed to. Except, you don’t die?

The Fix 

Have you ever, for no good reason, just fallen in love with the most unlikeliest of characters? That’s how I feel about Amos Decker. I mean, cop gets a photographic memory and uses it to solve crimes. It’s a pretty straightforward story, but Amos. Amos is this fractured person who is slowly pulling himself together — from his body through to his mind — and I find myself wanting him to make it. In this book, Amos is solving an unusual murder that has ties to national security and a new character that will irritate me immensely, I think. Baldacci is going the national security threat route, and I am aware how this can change a character and a book when their world opens up from one case to something as immense as national security. There’s an intimacy about books  1 and 2 and Amos that I hope isn’t lost in this one. Do you ever find that? 

The Impossible Fortress

It is the most secret of missions for the holiest of holy grails according to three teenage boys in 1987: The 1987 copy of Playboy with pictures of Vanna White in them. I don’t know who she is, but I know Wheel of Fortune, so I can figure out why it’s so scandalous. So Billy, Alf and Clark WANT. WANT this magazine. To the point that their plan is to seduce the daughter of the convenience in order to get the security codes for the store so they can swipe it. Which is when Billy meets Mary, and promptly falls in love. And so, he’s left with the age old question of:  who does he choose? The promise to his friends or his love for Mary? Which be still my heart, how CUTE does this sound?! Like CUTEEEE, I jsut want to squish everyone silly int his book!

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O

Melisande Stokes is the kind of linguistics and languages expert that Tristan Lyons, a military intelligence operator, needs to translate some old documents — aren’t they always old and always responsible for changing everything? In this case, the documents prove magic existed and died away when the scientific revolution happened, Tristan wants to know why, and that’s there D.O.D.O comes in: the Department of Diachronic Operations. They’re tasked with bringing back magic, and here’s where it gets interesting: mess with history. Does that mean time travel? I am looking forward to the worldbuilding in this one — given the history and the details of how magic works and doesn’t, I think — I hope — I want the worldbuilding to be A++

The Day I Died

So for some reason I can’t link to the Goodreads page in the title on this entry. Hm. Here it is though.

Anna is a handwriting expert, the kind that’s in high demand. But when she’s called in to look at a note at a murder scene she and her son have moved to, the crime affects Anna in an unexpected way, I’m guessing because it would be too easy to have that in the blurb right? LOL! Yeah, it’s a frustrating blurb, and I may be asking for trouble, but I am curious. What is Anna hiding?

Denton Little Book 1 and Book 2

Denton Little is going to die in book 1 of this series, and he knows it. Eveeryone knows when they’re going to die, in fact. And Denton’s last days are filled with all the things a boy his age should experience, and a rash, which he suspect is going to kill him. And government agents. In book 2, Denton is still alive, but being pursued by the government for well, living. And now he may die at any time #firstworldproblems. So how do you cope knowing you can die at any time? And can you steal your best friend’s crush?

Denton Little is the oddest, zaniest pair of books! What are you looking forward to this week? 


  • Being warm sounds so good right now as we are in snow and it is pretty darn cold. I love Denton!! The first book was so funny. I just finished the second book and it was pretty good as well.

    • Verushka says:

      Oh man, you guys have the worst winters! Here’s to winter ending soon!I’m so glad Denton is so good — it sounds so quirky!

  • I still have to read the first Denton book, but I really want to! The Day I Died sounds fascinating. 🙂

  • Greg says:

    I’ve heard that Sydney is steaming! Hope it cools down. And yeah- climate change. I like how people decide THAT’s not true but other science is. lol

    I do hear you on The Fix, it is hard sometimes when a story opens up and it changes the character or the vibe.

  • Oh gosh, our weather has been up and down and all around for the past 2 weeks. I have not been at all impressed and have no idea what to dress for from one day to the next, haha.

    Great list of book recs! I’m especially interested in reading The Impossible Fortress.

  • Hope you get some weather relief rather soon. I just added The Impossible Fortress to my wishlist because one, it sounds great, and two, I need to know more about that dog – go figure!

  • Summer has been EXTREME hasn’t it??? I’m looking forward to Autumn where it will hopefully cool off a little.

    I’m excited to see what you make of Traitor to the Throne since I’ll be starting Rebel soon!

    I love good authors that write prolifically – all the more words for me to devour!

    Hope you’re having a great week and have a fantastic weekend!

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