Cats Undercover Book Review

Cats Undercover Book Review

What is this about?: Ginger, Tuck and Minnie are happily living the life on their farm when winter arrives and our three (almost) cat musketeers find themselves separated on different adventures.

What else is this about?: Exactly what it says on the tin above!

Stars: 4/5 for the glorious, effortless humour!

Blurb: Watch Out! This book is such a rollercoaster of crazy cat capers that you won’t know whether to laugh or scream!

Tuck, Ginger and Minnie are three cats living on an isolated farm. Life is sweet until two horrible humans arrive: the evil Pongs.

When Ginger and Minnie disappear Tuck sets out to find them and then the adventure really starts.

Cats Undercover will take you to an incredible world of undercover catbots, fist-fighting felines and skateboarding skunk punks.

Our heroes will face savage sewer rats, puddles of poodle piddle and even an audition on Kitten’s Got Talent.

But can anything prepare them for the Pongs’ perilous plans back on the farm?

Read this book if you dare, but…


‘Cats Undercover’ is the follow-up to the much-loved ‘Cats On The Run’. This hilarious new book in the Tuck & Ginger series is for children aged 9 to 99. 

First up, I worked as a proofreader on Cats on the Run, the very first instalment of this hilarious series. Which as it turns out gets even more hilarious in the second Tuck and Ginger book.

Now, for a slight introduction to Tuck and Ginger: they were the pets of two witches, before they escaped their high-rise prison and set out to escape the city, with the witches after them the entire time. After a rollicking adventure filled with many puns and rhymes and alliteration, Tuck, Ginger and Minnie find themselves settled in on their farm, living a life of undomesticated domesticated cat bliss.

The second adventure finds them still on the farm, but quickly separated. Ginger finds herself in the middle of a turf war, and on a path to meet the King Rat, that most fearsome and almost mythological creature of the underbelly of the cat world. Tuck finds himself on a secret mission, with an agent from the CIA AKA Cat Intelligence Agency. And Minnie finds herself on the path to stardom on Kitten’s Got Talent. Kind of. They’re all pushed to their limits in … interesting ways, but Gillmore’s writing never falters.

Adventures aside, let’s focus on the writing for a bit. You know those times when you wish you’d had the most perfect comeback to a person and it’s only hours later that you realise what it is? Ged Gillmore’s writing reminds me of that perfect comeback, that witty response you wished you’d thought of, but he manages to fill 200+ pages of a book with it. Fast-paced, witty and laugh out loud funny, kids are going to fall in love with this and more than a few adults as well. Pacing is key here with the three narratives, and it never lets up, keeping the plots rushing along.

Minnie is the breakout star of this book I think, with her diva attitude and her determination to have the best down-on-her-luck story that will play well on Kitten’s Got Talent. Yup, I told you more than a few adults would appreciate this too. And part and parcel of experiencing the highs of stardom is experiencing the lows: a younger and prettier cat as competition. I swear, I sniggered out loud. I don’t know what the people on my train carriage must thing of me!

Cats Undercover is every bit as snarky, funny and filled with rhyming and alliteration as the first book. Buy it for the middle-grader in your life and then read it yourself.


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