#LoveOzLit: James Roy on knowing your audience

#LoveOzLit: James Roy on what he wished he first knew about publishing

Reaching your audience

James Roy brings up something entirely different to the conversation about the ins and outs of publishing — and that is your audience. Not the audience who are going to read your work, but the ones that are going want to see you in person at your signings, talks and workshops.

While the era of social media means a presence that extends across them, people are still paying to come see authors at cons, ducking out of work early to make your talks — or so I’ve heard — and stalking book stores and their events to make sure they don’t miss your next appearance.

James Roy is an author who writes for young readers, so his audience might be a little different to the ones that you find yourself part of, but his quote is no less accurate. What do you think of James Roy’s quote? Dare I ask what your worst experience at an author talk was? 

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  • We agree with Roy’s quote that as a children’s/YA author, he needs to be able to work with children. We’ve had a few author talks throughout school. A stand out we remember is Skye Melki Wenger – she was really good. The worst one? Happily, none come to mind when you asked the question!
    ~ Pendragons 

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