#LoveOzLit: Deborah Biancotti on the difference between publishing & writing

#LoveOzLit: Deborah Biancotti on the difference between publishing and writing

Publishing versus writing

Did you consider the distinction Deborah Biancotti makes here? It’s interesting isn’t it?

For the longest time, to me being an author was an utterly romantic profession, fuelled in part by my absolute lack of knowledge about publishing and writing, and long before I decided to pursue being an editor.

But the reality is different as the numerous authors that are part of #LoveOzLit have explained.

As Deborah Biancotti explains, publishing is obviously the business side of writing, the side where you need to know the ins and outs of international rights and volumes and everything else that you never thought of while you were writing.

(… which might still be more than a little bit magical don’t you think?)

Do you agree with Deborah about the difference between publishing and writing? Is it a distinction you’ve thought about?


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