Jane Got a Gun: Movie Review

Jane Got a Gun Movie Review

The only other Western I’ve willingly watched is 3:10 to Yuma, which I sobbed over at the end, and so I count that as a success. I watched this for sheer curiousity’s sake, having heard the difficulties the production went through, and caught by the idea of Natalie Portman’s Jane as the lead character, fighting off the gunslingers after her husband.

And let’s face it – Natalie Portman can do badass, even with long flowing hair, a skirt down to her ankles and a cranky ex, Dan, Joel Edgerton to contend with. When Ham, her husband, is fatally shot she goes to Dan for help to save herself, Ham and their home from the gunslingers bad boy gang Ham belonged to before settling down with her. It’s actually a lovely, forlorn love story, which relies so much, far too much on flashbacks which drove me crazy. We didn’t need to be told in excruciating detail about their love story. These actors were more than capable of selling that part of the story in the present. It would have helped too had Ham not been near silent and dying for most of the movie.

But, I can’t deny Edgerton and Portman sell their characters’ love story as much as they can considering the weight of incessant flashbacks. In the present, they snipe and argue over their pasts, and Ham while they prepare for Bishop’s arrival.

Bishop. If ever there was an actor hamming it up for the camera, complete with villain’s moustache to twirl Ewan McGregor would be it. Oh man. And he also looked like a more gaunt Jamie Oliver, which kind of robbed his character of said villainy.

That said, even a bad movie is good underneath all the things that don’t work. And look, it’s a western I willingly watched and did not want to cry from boredom.

I count that as a win.

Have you watched Jane Got a Gun? What is your favourite Western?


  • Sophia Rose says:

    I didn’t even know about this one and I love westerns. My favorites are the old ones like High Noon, Magnificent Seven, True Grit, etc, but I enjoyed some of the lighter ones like Maverick and Silverado.

    Too much flashbacking distracts me and causes a story to lose momentum for me. Bummer there’s so much of it here. But, still, I’ll probably look it up because its a Western.

    Well balanced review. Thanks, Verushka!

  • Hmmm. I rarely ever watch a western although I love the cover of this one. Something about it is drawing me in.

    It doesn’t sound amazing, but it does sound like something I could watch with my hubby and that’s never a bad thing!

    Great review!

  • Great review! I watched and reviewed this on my blog months ago, and unfortunately – although Portman was good – the back story and flashbacks killed it for me.
    Glad you enjoyed it though!

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