#LoveOzLit: Sarah Ayoub on what she wished she first knew about publishing

#LoveOzLit: Sarah Ayoub, author of The YearBook Committee

Sarah Ayoub is the author of The YearBook Committee , a contemporary YA romance released earlier this year. Like Tony Park, her quote above highlights that the mundane things in publishing are a pain, but there’s no avoiding them: as an author you need to know things like international rights.

What are the other things you’ve wondered about as a new author?


  • Funny story about this post! So, I have been DYING to read this book since I first heard the synopsis. Dying, I say! The irony? I cannot find it ANYWHERE, and do you know why? That’s right, foreign rights! Not even Book Depository will send it to me, SOBS. I can order it from Australia, but that is costly, and I assume (hope? beg?) that it will eventually at least be in the UK, and I can make it mine! There are so many little things like that that I know I would overlook, and then have my mind blown by!

    • Verushka says:

      Well bugger. That SUCKS hard. That’s more often than not the position I find myself in and it’s so crazy frustrating, isn’t it? UGH.

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