#LoveOzLit: Jennifer Down putting your writing out there to be read

#LoveOzLit: Jennifer Down on relinquishing your work to the public

Jennifer Down is the author of Our Magic Hour, her debut novel. She is an accomplished writer, having penned work for several Australian publications like The Age, Australian Book Review, Overland and Saturday Paper.

Relinquishing your writing

Here, she talks about something I hadn’t thought of before: what it means to relinquish your work for the public, and how weird that must be.

For me, the closest I can think of is publishing a review and hoping it doesn’t sound silly when others read it. But these posts aren’t a book: years of writing and plotting and planning, for people to say good or bad things about.

Are you an author? Do you feel the butterflies in your belly when you set your work free into the world?


  • I hope to be a published author someday, but I don’t think I’d ever get used to putting my work out in the world for people to either love, hate, or feel ‘meh’ about! haha


    • Verushka says:

      I am not used to public speaking or putting myself or my work out there you know? It’s terrifying exposing yourself like that

  • Huh that does seem kinda weird now that I think about it! It’s terrifying sharing your writing though. I posted a short story on my blog earlier this year and even that took me months to finally have the courage to post lol. And that wasn’t even something I poured my heart into, it was just something I randomly wrote over the course of two nights. So I can only imagine what it’s like to publish a book. It is interesting to think about though how once a book is out there, it is out of the author’s hands and readers are going to interpret everything in their own way. I can definitely see how that’d be weird to experience as an author.

    • Verushka says:

      After this quote, I got to thinking how scary and frustrating it must be too — when you feel someone has got the wrong idea entirely about something and you want to have a conversation with them… and you can’t. You have to be able to let your work go … I don’t know I could do that? BTW, I’d love to read your story? Can you link me?

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