#LoveOzLit: In which Anne Buist tells the brutal truth about writing…

#LoveOzLit: Anne Buist shares some harsh truths about writing

Anne Buist is the author of the Natalie King series and as she points out above, a doctor. And Professor of Psychiatry, and somewhere along the line a bestselling author.

I feel tired just thinking about everything she does, but here’s the thing — the truth about writing — even when you’re lucky enough to get that publishing deal, you’re going to need a second career, something to pay the mortgage and the bills, because the mundane stuff tends to get lost in the romance of writing, doesn’t it?

What do you think? Are you a writer? Is it everything you thought it would be?


  • Sophia Rose says:

    I am only starting out with writing having a couple of short stories published in an antho from a small publisher, but I think her assessment is spot on. I’ve wanted to write for a career since high school, but have only had time for teaching until lately. And whew, yes, it is work and not just a fun hobby so it sucks up the hours. I’m one who can only do it now because I’m part-time at my day job and the second wage earner in the family and not the primary one.

    • Verushka says:

      Oh wow, that so wonderful you’ve been published! I’ve always had a romanticized version of an author’s life (and a bookstore owner’s life, and an editor’s life) until I started this blog and got a dose of reality. Not that your talent wouldn’t have got you there in the end, but a good support system is necessary to be able to pursue it well, don’t you think?

  • This is really awesome, and I am thankful that you and Anne shared this. It’s hard because I would love to make a career out of it, but I also have such precious little free time the way it is, so I realistically don’t know that I could ever make it work. It makes me sad because I feel like so many authors have support systems and such, and that it really does make a difference. It’s hard because the realism is SO important, but it also makes me realize how incredibly unlikely it is that I will ever be able to do anything in the writing arena. Maybe one day haha.

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