#5Books: I might have the Xmas Spirit, but…

#5Books book recs for the week ending 11 Dec

…These recs are nowhere close. Heh. I mean, I can’t pass up a good mystery or death and mayhem even for the holidays!

So what are your plans for the holidays? Mostly, I want some sunshine and some time to relax and not stress about work. I am happy sticking close to home and have no desire to fight the crowds going anywhere. Maybe bingewatch something? Recommend something to me? … don’t say Gilmore Girls, don’t say Gilmore girls! 

First up, I have a book about what it means to be an Indian immigrant in Australia. It may not completely apply to me given I’m Indian and from South Africa, but I need this.

Second is a book that reminded me of a very old movie called Single White Female… which scared me like crazy, and yet weirdly seeing this book, cue nostalgia!

Third is a book about little moments set in Brittany, and while the setting caught my eye, it’s the little moments bit that caught my attention — possibly because it’s that time of year?

Fourth, is a book with a blurb that confused me so much, but I need to know what on earth is going on with this. Mostly because it mentioned Orphan Black and I cannot adequately express how much I love that show. LOVE.

And last, is a new urban fantasy series, which started earlier this year, and is already on its second book. As in 6 December. How did this author manage this???

The Permanent Resident

Modern immigration for an Indian from South Africa and an Indian from India are going to be two different things. I should probably find a book that talks about that, but for now, I’ll recommend this instead. I am impressed that Gonsalves takes on aspirations and guilt, along with the clashes of cultures and bits of racism all with a dose of humour. If these stories can make people laugh but think about the issues surrounding immigrants and refugees these days, I’m all for it. 

The CopyCat

Simone wants to be like Traci. Traci doesn’t quite mind the copycat-ness, until it becomes an obsession… and then secrets about Simone’s past come out. I would have expected the blurb to be about Traci, but it’s not and interestingly, the blurb isn’t about Traci discovering Simone’s secrets… but they do come out. So, I find I REALLY want this to be from Simone’s POV. That would inject something new into this sort of story. We shall see!

The Little Breton Bistro

I fell in love with Nina George with The Little Paris Bookshop, and if she wants to talk about little boookstores and bistros all over France, I’ll follow her there. This is the story of Marianne, who one reaches breaking point on a marriage that should have died a long time ago. So what made her reach her breaking point? Why did she stay all this time? Inquring minds want to know. But besides that, it’s the promise of excellent characterisation with the locals of Breton — I guess, in a way this is small-town France — that got me hooked. And, I like the idea that love, life and marriage doesn’t had a age requirement — which is something we are too often smacked with in the face every damn day.


Mention Orphan Black and only one thing comes to mind: clones. Which explains why Min keeps getting murdered every two years on her birthday. Until she decided enough is enough, and decides to figure out what the hell is going on in her town… which as an asteroid is heading to earth, is bad timing because hell, why not before? Then there’s Noah who dreams of death and murder, and discovers that the people around him have been lying to him. Meanwhile Min has discovered a conspiracy involving her school class which as it turns out is worse than being murdered every two years, which begs the question: What one earth is going on in this town?!

Changeling PI books 1 and 2

Elixir (book 1) and Unveiled (book 2)  is about Mab, yes THAT Mab, who tends to be the Queen of the Fairies and more powerful than the powerful and here she’s a PI. She’s been tricked into losing her powers and finds herself as a PI’s intern in New York. In book 1, she finds herself blamed for a crime she didn’t commit, and learns the true extent of the betrayal that landed her in NYC. And the second involves the fairy realm and their need for an elixir that gives them their powers. So when I think of Mab, I think of someone cold, all-powerful and not too fond of humans, which is pretty much the opposite of this character. And that’s why it’s on this list: it’s a different POV on a character that is usually just completely and utterly the opposite. I am so curious about how the author pulls this off! (Out of curiousity, is anyone weirded out by how different the woman on the cover is on book 2?)

The Permanent Resident is top of my list this week. With The Little Breton Bistro second. What about you?

And, 16 sleeps to Christmas. And that means 13 to when I break for the year. That cannot some fast enough. What are you up to this Christmas!?



  • Greg says:

    I love Orphan Black so that book definitely has my eye. Sounds like a lot of stuff going on in it too! I’ll have to look for that. and small town Brittany would work for me too- I remember The Little Paris Bookshop but never read it. This one looks nice as well.

    • Verushka says:

      Oh Hai fellow member of the Clone Club 🙂 It does sound like a heap is going on in Nemesis, and I think the Orphan Club is just one part of it, so I think it’s going to be EPIC. The NParis Bookshop was just lovely. LOVELY. i have high hopes for the Breton Bistro too!

  • AngelErin says:

    The Little Breton Bistro and Nemesis both sound great!!! I liked the Little Paris Bookshop, but I didn’t love it. I still want to try her new one though. Thanks for the recs! 😀

    • Verushka says:

      I remember your review of the Paris Bookshop, yeah 🙂 It’s the kind of book I wanted everyone to love but I understand why you didn’t. I hope the Breton Bistro fares better though with you!

  • So now I need to add the Changeling PI books AND The Copycat to my wishlists. I have a copy of Nemesis on the way – it sounds really good and I ADORE Orphan Black so hopefully I will enjoy this book as much. I won’t recommend Gilmore Girls (Even though I’m obsessed) but we did just finish watching Longmire and Luke Cage and enjoyed both.

    • Verushka says:

      OOH, I already looking forward to what you think of Nemesis! And another member of the Clone CLub *high fives* I am on season 3 or 4 I think of Longmire! Branch just died!

  • Suzanne says:

    The Little Breton Bistro sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful read. I’m a sucker for books set in France anyway, so that helps of course. 🙂

  • Copycat has the most attractive cover, but The Little Breton Bistro sounds like my cup of tea!

  • Oh wow! I didn’t realise you were from South Africa. I’m in Zimbabwe right now but from Australia! Ha ha. Small world!

    Christmas we are with my in-laws this year. Can’t believe it’s just around the corner already. Seriously!

    Hope you have great holidays and thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Maria Behar says:

    You have such an AWESOME collection of books here!! WOW!! I need to bookmark this page, because I want to come back to it and check out each book more thoroughly. For now, though, I’m sure I’ll be adding the Changeling PI books to my Goodreads shelves. I LOVE fantasy! And these books have an incredibly original take on Queen Mab. I’d like to see how the former queen fares on the tough streets of New York. Plus I like the fact that her personality is somewhat ‘warmer’ than it’s usually been depicted.

    Thanks for sharing, Verushka!! Hope you have a GREAT week coming up!! <3 :

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