#5Books: Nope, still not quite in the Xmas mood

5books book recs for the week ending 41216

Alright, I may actually have a little bit of the Xmas spirit 🙂 Mostly because I go on holiday in about 24 days — not that I’m counting. HA. Anyone else just hanging out to get through December and to their holidays?? I want to read and relax and not do anything.

Except maybe watch NetFlix. Or in my case here in Australia, Presto. Do you remember The Firm? The series and not the movie? I find it so compelling right now and I suspect I would dearly like to read a legal thriller right now. Any suggestions?

And now the book recs!

Like you didn’t know the first book rec would be a murder mystery. Heh. But it occured to me that aside from Invisible City, I haven’t read a story about a journalist investigating a story. And now here’s one I’d like to.

The second book rec is about small-town Australia, with a collection of characters with secrets. Because that’s what happens in small-town anywhere, actually.

Third, is a story about two women who hate each other and the friendship that starts because of that. Look, it works. Scroll down and read it.

Fourth, is about Indians and immigrants in America, and what it means to straddle two cultures. There’s also cross-dressing involved…

And last, I have obsessive bibliophiles, a cathedral and the Holy Grail. Heh, I love the story of the Grail. LOVE.

The Beautiful Dead

Eve is a crime reporter, the kind that will do anything for a story to satisfy her audience, like the killer who contacts her after he kills, letting her get the story every time. Until she realises, that killer is obsessed with her. Why have I not read a book about a reporter like this before? Have you? 

Barking Dogs

Small-town anywhere is always a promising setting for a story and small-town Australia is no different. This is the story of Mount Barker, a small rural town that is on its way to becoming more surburbia than anything. Who are the characters: the families, the widows and fathers and sons? What are their secrets? Their hopes and dreams? The characters sounds so good and I waaaant!

The Woman Next Door

Hortensia — how epic is this name? — and Marion are neighbours. One is black and one white, and they hate each other. Until one day, something forces their relationship to change, and their anger becomes something else. Something that might be friendship. The question becomes can they change? And I want to know why the book mentions their races. Thing is, my mum sometimes says this too: that she’s too old to change. But is that true? Can you be too old to change?

No one can Pronounce My Name

This is about a friendship at its heart. Harit is a man who is taking care of his mother after the death of his sister, which has left her utterly lost. He dresses in saris every night pretending to be his sister to give his mother some solace. Then there’s Ranjana, who has just seen her son off to university, while she’s left wondering if her husband is having an affair. She finds solace in writing paranormal romances (be still my heart, I like her already) and when she meets Harit, they begin a friendship and find the support they need. There’s so much to love about this — from the promising humour and the totally weird situations that make sense in a way and the friendship that comes out of it. 

The Lost Book of the Grail

I blame Enid Blyton for my obsession over King Arthur and the Grail. And throw in some Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. But, the book! Arthur is a scholar, the kind who obsesses over books and the Grail. So when Bethany comes in to digitise the Barchester Cathedral library, which he LOVES, his little world gets rocked. Not in a good way. Except, you know when they realise they’re attracted to each other, and the obsession about the Grail is a cherry on top to their relationship. And that’s how they find themselves searching for a manuscript, the history of the cathedral and the Grail. Not to mention something about themselves too. Okay, WHAT do they learn about themselves?! WHAT? I have to know. Plus the cathedral and history, all make this sound SO promising!

Ahhh, can I have a longer holiday to relax and do some reading? Because there is just not enough time for this goodness!! What are you looking forward to??


  • Teehee! I LOVE your creativity with this post girl! And I’m right there with you! I’m an ALL in the Christmas mood! I’m just excited for the presents, the gift wrapping, the lights, decorations… EVERY-THANG!

    • Verushka says:

      Heh. I have to admit the Christmas spirit is getting infectious, even if my book recs contain a lot of death and mystery 🙂

  • Sophia Rose says:

    Those are all new to me recommendations. Big Plus Plus! I’ve wanted to try a Charles Lovett book for a while and No One Can Pronounce My Name is really tugging at me.

    I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that it’s December and the holiday season even if I’ve read several holiday books and done some shopping. Need to pace myself with all I have going on until our lovely break for Christmas and a few days after.

    • Verushka says:

      Oh YAY! 🙂 The Lovett book sounds amazing doesn’t it? You reminded me I was so excited about this I didn’t think to look up his other work. AND yes, No One Can Pronounce My Name is another one I am waiting on pins and needles for. I seem to be going in stages with my Xmas cheer, mostly because the close I get to my holiday break, the cheerier I feel heh.

  • OK so I am in for Barking Dogs and No One Can Pronounce My Name – love small towns and friendship stories!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Verushka says:

      Small town anywhere is the best for good stories, aren’t they? Both these sound like wonderfully character focused books so fingers crossed they’re good!

  • AngelErin says:

    Oo The Beautiful Dead sounds so good!! I’m definitely interested in that one. ?

  • Greg says:

    Yes I want time off for the holidays!!! Bring it ha ha! The Lost Book of the Grail looks awesome, I like Arthurian stuff and anything about the grail gets my attention. I hope that one is good. 🙂

  • These all sound like such unique premises!

  • OK, I totally have to read The Woman Next Door. It sounds so compelling and I’m curious to find out what happens to throw the two of them together. It’s going straight on my wishlist!

  • Lola says:

    I always like seeing which 5 books you pick and how you describe them! I en joy a good murder mystery although I usually go for cozy mysteries. I haven’t read a lot of books set in Australia yet, so the Australia setting of the second book sounds interesting. I am curious about The Women next Door and how they go from hate to friendship.

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