#LoveOzLit: Candice Fox on the importance of literary agents

Candice Fox on the importance of literary agents

Slush piles. In case anyone is wondering if they’re, in actuality, better sounding than slush piles here’s a look at one I found earlier:

Australian author Candice Fox on the importance of literary agents

I am sure in reality, a slush pile is much neater, but the fact remains, you’re one needle in a very large haystack. But suffice to say there’s someone going:

Candice Fox on the value of literary agents

Though, I don’t think there’s a beard from having to go through the slush pile.

… which is why Candice Fox’s reminder is something you should have pasted on the wall above your writing desk. Agents know publishing, they know which editors are looking for what, and what kind of chance you stand in getting read. And they’re there to help you negotiate your publishing deal, and a million other things you wouldn’t have thought of. … and they’re on your side in probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

What do you think of literary agents? Have you had any experiences with agents? 

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