#LoveOzLit: Maria Lewis on what she wished she knew about Publishing

Maria Lewis on what she wished she knew about publishing

NaNoWrimo is upon us and all you wonderful writers out there are working on your first, second or third or more novel! How you guys do it, and work and all the rest of normal life and write, I have no idea. Hats off writers!

That’s why this next question in my #LoveOzLit quotes series is about publishing. About what these amazing Australian authors wished they knew before they even started on their path to getting published.

This quote is from Maria Lewis, who released Who’s Afraid?  earlier this year. Her novel has been years in the making and she’s been candid in her interview about publishing and the long road to publishing her first novel: 6 years and 115 versions so she knows exactly what she would have liked to have learned before entering the wonderful, tough world of publishing.

What do you think of her quote on publishing? Is her experience what you expected?

What stories can you share about your experiences with publishing?

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