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#5Books Book recs for the week ending 13/11

Man, anyone else wish this past week could be redone? Yeah. I’m taking solace in some recs and avoiding the news so I don’t have to think about reality.

First, up HA. Time. Not travel undo the past, but used as a weapon.

Second involves a famed soprano, the Paris Opera, secrets and political intrigue. And the cover…

Third has a coma, amnesia, an accident and … internet rage.

Fourth is the story of a mother and her son… and the father who never wanted him. And then everything changes. SOBS.

Fifth, is about identity, about doing the best for your kid, and bloody hell, parenting. How do you guys do it?!

Everything Belongs to the Future

What if time was a weapon? What if only the rich could have long life spans and everyone else had to trade for time? Naturally, it doesn’t last… there are those working to change things, most especially the scientist who invented this sort of time longevity in the first place. I swear there’s a movie that has a similar theme, but I am curious enough about this to put this one my list. And the cover, why is the lady’s face blanked out? 

The Queen of the Night

The Paris Opera! First of all this cover is gorgeous! And the story: Lilliet is the star of the Paris Opera when she’s offered her greatest desire — the lead in an original opera … that happens to be based on her life in the US, and her escape to Europe and a secret. There are only a couple of people that could have done this, and Lilliet tries to figure out who wrote this… cue what might be a massive flashback. But I am intrigued — this is about Lilliet, about how she transformed herself into the star of the opera. And, I mean there’s also political intrigue — where’d that come from?

This is How it Happened

I found this over on Lost in Lit and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Genevieve wakes up from a coma after an accident to find her YouTube star boyfriend is dead and the man driving the other car is assumed to be at fault. The internet rages against the guy, while Genevieve begins to realise she might actually be the one at fault. “Internet rage” is powerful and sometimes, it can work to result in a good outcome. But too often it becomes something else — something ugly, and this is what this book explores.

Our Short History

I dare you to read this blurb and now have your heart break. Karen is a successful political consultant and mother to her 6-year-old son, Jacob. He’s hers for his father Dave never wanted him. But, in this book, Karen is now dying and Jacob wants to know his dad. This time around when Karen calls Dave, he’s ecstatic to hear from her and about their son. And Karen realises she’s going to have to let Dave into their lives, even though she doesn’t want to. SEE. I told you!

This Is How It Always Is

Rosie and Penn have four boys and then they welcome their fifth, Claude. But Claude is different — he wears dresses, wants long hair and when he grows up he wants to be a girl. Rosie and Penn try to deal, and move to Seattle a city they hope will be more welcoming to Claude. But, instead, they keep Claude’s secret, until one day it comes out. Parenting is bloody hard. I don’t know how you parents out there do it, but hats off guys! Dealing with things like this, trying to figure out what the right thing to do blows my mind. 

The Queen of the Night and This is How it Always Is are top of my list! What’s made it to the top of yours?


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