The Crown: Did not expect this to be so compelling — did you?

The Crown Review eps 1-4

I started watching The Crown on Netflix this past weekend, flicking it on just because… well, I needed some background noise. And the next thing I know, I’m totally sucked in.

Me, I adored Diana and her love for her boys, while way there in the background was Elizabeth controlling everything and looking disapprovingly on. That opinion really hasn’t changed, but I have to admit to the series making me think about her differently a little, especially with a line when she’s talking to her grandmother after her father has died. The gist of it is: don’t show emotion because people will read something into everything she does — a smile, a cough or whatever.

That is the sort of thing she grew up with and then assumed the throne with, and taught her children.

Overall, much of the responsibility for thinking about Elizabeth different comes down to Claire Foy, who plays Elizabeth. She manages to make her into this living, vulnerable woman, who loves her husband and family, and still wants to do her duty. Phillip, played by Matt Smith, clearly loves his wife and hates the duty they have to follow. Not to mention, once she’s Queen, he has to accede to the throne and the country and the cabinet in all things.

It feels a little by ep 4 like they’re growing more apart to be honest and I find myself hoping that’s not true.

And then there’s John Lithgow’s Churchill, who strolls into a scene and dominates it completely! I’d forgotten how wonderful he is in drama. Edward VIII, the king who abdicated for Wallis Simpson, god, he’s so tragic in this. He seems to put up a front being disdainful of the life he abandoned and still missing it  fiercely.

I still don’t know how I ended up liking this so much!



  • Suzanne says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying this series. I just read the buzz about this over the weekend and was thinking I might start watching it. I might actually start watching it today while waiting for our election results to roll in.

  • Angela says:

    We’ve watched two episodes so far, and I am loving it! I know right now they are looking at 6 seasons, each approximately a decade of her life, so while this earlier era is interesting to me, I really can’t wait to see what they do when Diana becomes part of the family.

    • Verushka says:

      I’m half dreading half looking forward to when Diana appears bc I like ELizabeth how she is now, and I didn’t much like the actual Queen for the way things went down with Diana. So it’s going to be interesting and will tie me up in knots I think lol

  • Lily B says:

    gah great I will have to give this a shot, I saw this pop up today and was curious but than I saw you mention it and now I am double curious

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