#5Books: Back with book recs!


First up, is the weird tale of this book’s cover. I stared at the cover for the longest time sure I knew that face, and then promptly dismissed my conclusion. Of course, I was wrong.

Second, is the newest from the author of 13 Minutes, which was one of the best books I’ve read this year.

The third book rec weirdly enough — or not weirdly enough — combines Jack the Ripper and Jekyll and Hyde stories. New right? (or wait, am I missing a whole sub-genre here?)

For the fourth book rec, I found a YA novel that promises to be character-focused, with a good mystery that is going to make me cry by then end, I can tell!

And fifth, is about a legacy, one our main character didn’t even know she had.

Her nightly embrace

Hello Sendhil Ramamurthy as the cover model for a series that’s already being made into a TV series! He plays Ravi, a PI with a bunch of colleagues that I can already tell are going to make this show GOOD. The book too! There are Ken and Clive, brutal ex-cops and lovers; David, a well-connected lawyer from a Nigerian family and Olivia, who is a financial analyst by day and hacker by night. They’re just some of his colleagues, and then there’s the visions of Hindu Gods, and the rich clients with the EPIC problems. And the question at the end of this all: Is Ravi a shaman or you know, crazy? I want to read this so much. SO MUCH! I mean just look at all those wonderful crazy characters!

Behind Her Eyes 

13 Minutes was one of the books that deserved the word twist in the blurb. So I have high hopes for Behind Her Eyes. So on to the book: how does a couple not know what is really going on in their marriage? That’s what the blurb describes as David and Adele’s marriage. Cue Louise, a new secretary, who can see something is wrong with them and she begins to investigate their marriage. Ahhh, I WANT. I want all of the book son this list, so you know what I mean! But what is going on in this marriage?

The Jekyll Revelation

Rafael is an environmental scientist who finds a trunk with a journal that details how Robert Louis Stevenson created Jekyll and Hyde, And the Id of Jack the Ripper — how that’s going to work, I have no idea, but it’s a HELL of a hook, yes? So, the book seems to be alternating chapters of the journal in the past and Rafe’s life. Someone has stolen a flask from the trunk Rafe found — with the potion that created Hyde… and spawned Jack the Ripper. No, really HOW does that work? And who has the potion? No, pretty much still stuck on how a potion can create the Ripper and Jekyll and Hyde!

The Row

This is the story of Riley, who visits her father every week without fail — he happens to be on Death Row. She’s always believed in her father, but a month before his execution, he confesses to her that he did commit the murders. Which you know, not good. So she starts to investigate and … finds something I’m going to bet she wishes she hadn’t. See, going to break my heart. I can tell.

The Hidden Legacy

Two events in this one are linked apparently: there’s a crime at a secondary school and then years later, Ellen Sutherland is summoned to a will reading of Eudora, a woman she didn’t know. There she finds out she’s been left money and a cottage. She and her friend go investigating and cue finding out secrets  about her past. What is the high school event? And how does it connect Ellen and Eudora? I keep going over this in my head and I can’t quite figure out the connection is going to work out. 

Yeah, I want them all — who am I kidding really?!


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