#5books: Beware, here there be book recs

#5Books Book recs for the week ending 231016

For the  first rec this week, I have two words that explain what’s been on my mind: Benedict Cumberbatch. Dr Strange. Well, ok, four.

Second is an Aussie mystery, based on real events, which is going to sound weird when I say that blurb almost makes this mystery sound unreal.

Third: where is the most dangerous place on earth? Bet you didn’t pick where this book says it is.

The fourth, I actually started reading the first in this series, when I saw the blurb for book three. Worth a shot, I think!

Last, is a story about a perfect family that falls apart … and yet, it’s not that exactly either.

The Vatican Cameos

I am having severe Sherlock withdrawal, in particular Benedict’s version because Dr Strange trailers are everywhere with his American accent, which is not bad per say, but well a strange choice give how incredible he sounds normally. Look, some Brits are voting for Brexit and scaring me, others have accents that give me shivers. I’m rolling with it. But what’s interesting with this book is that Sherlock is asked to investigate the theft of the Vatican Cameos, and that story is told with the story of how the cameos came to be: namely Michaelangelo created them. See, bet you never thought Sherlock and Michaelangelo would be in the same book ever. Not to mention MX Publishing, the publisher? Focuses on publishing Sherlock stories!

The Cleanskin

I am trying to suss out what real life events this book was based on, but haven’t found out yet. Who is Halley? Why is she hiding? Then there’s Aidan, who randomly turns up in the town where she was hiding? There’s got to be more right? But back to Halley, the blurb makes her sound exhausted from hiding and I think that’s an interesting place to be for her.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Is high school, which I can’t exactly disagree with on some levels! But that’s what this book is called and that’s where it’s set. Molly is a teacher who begins to realise her students aren’t the façade they present to the world or the virtual world. This sounds like a intense character-focused book, and I feel like I might want to shake some sense into the high school characters, but I want to read this!


Rebekah is a journalist, working on a tabloid, when she gets a letter from the teenager, now a man, imprisoned for killing a black family during riots between Black and Jewish neighbours in 1992. So she starts investigating, but gets nowhere. Thing is, I’m reading book one, and Rebekah is just now coming to terms with the fact that her mother, a Jew, chose her Hasidic community over Rbekah and her father. Major abandonment issues, MAJOR. Rebekah wants to understand her mother’s decison, but she doesn’t understand why the Hasidic community is the way it is and the choices people make to live in it. I can’t help thinking that it sounds like how some thing about Islam and women who wear the hijab. So, the blurb for this, got me to pick up book 1, and on how I feel about that, I’ll keep reading until I get to this one.

Almost Missed You

You know those couples who look and act as if they’re MFEO? That’s Violet and Finn. They get married, and have a kid and then one day Finn disappears with their son… and turns up at his BFF’s place, and proceeds to manipulate her into protecting them. Which you know, whaaaaat? What is Finn hiding? What is he holding over Caitlin?

Which ones strike your fancy?  For me, The Vatican Cameos and The Cleanskin are still of my list! But then there’s Almost Missed You Too.


  • Oh man, I still haven’t watched last season of Sherlock. Thanks for the reminder! 😀 And The Most Dangerous Place on Earth is the book I’m most curious about.

  • Lola says:

    I never read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I have read a series where kids were descendants of famous detectives and recently picked up a MG book about a Sherlock Holmes boarding school. So I guess I do like the concept of detective and mystery in books, maybe I should give a Sherlock Holmes books a try once. The other ones sound promising too, but I am most curious about the Sherlock Holmes one.

  • AngelErin says:

    Excellent book recs!!! The Most Dangerous Place on Earth and Almost Missed You both sound great. 😀

  • Huh, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth does sound rather interesting. I’m curious to know what sorts of things she could discover about her students that would be so worrisome for the teacher!

  • Oh yes, I love Sherlock and Benedict’s British accent. Whenever possible I watch the British versions of shows like Being Human, Broadchurch etc. Thanks for all the book recommendations!

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