#5Books: And you thought there was nothing to read…

5books book recs for the week ending 15 October

First up is a retelling of a book I hate, but I can’t actually articulate if it’s the book or the insistence that it’s a classic I need to LOVE because it’s so profound blah blah blah… so I am wondering if a retelling, without the baggage of all this will help me decide.

Second, is an intriguing mystery about a woman – one of the first – practicing psychology, a relatively new field for 1907 New York.

Third, oh I can’t believe I missed this! I adored the first in the series, reviewed here. And now, here’s book two, with my favourite and soon to be yours, Pinkerton detective.

Fourth, if ever there was a perfect or ominous title, this one is it. Yup.

And last, is about mothers and their children, and those women who desire motherhood above all else. I feel like this is going to make me bawl the entire way through.

No-one is coming to save us

The Great Gatsby. Far out, I hate that book and the insistence that I need to like it from people around me. Actually to be honest, barring Pride and Prejduice, that’s almost always the reaction I get about classics, but I digress: this is a retelling set in the contemporary American South, involving an extended African-American family. JJ Ferguson is Gatsby, who has returned wealthy to his home town and wants to woo his childhood sweetheart. As a result he seems to be the catalyst for those around him to rev-evaluate their lives. I seriously don’t remember Gatsby being like that.

A Deadly Affection

a psychiatrist? A female psychiatrist in NY in 1907 as the main character in her own series? Yes please! Genevieve Summerford thinks she may have provoked one of her patients into committing murder, but soon finds herself trying to clear them. Naturally she discovers a secret during her investigations, one that changes everything – don’t they always? But I can’t resist a mystery and Genevive will I hope prove to be a compelling MC.

Dead Man’s Blues

Ray Celestin writes the most atmospheric novels. The Axeman’s Jazz is mesmerising and given that it ended with Ida in NY about to start work with the Pinkertons, I’m beyond excited that I finally get to see her in action. Ida and her Pinkerton partner Michael are tasked to find a missing heiress, and once again Louis Armstrong plays a part in her investigation. While this world grows bigger, as does they mysteries, it’s still Ida with whom I am most fascinated.

Everything You Want Me to Be

Hattie is the perfect student: everybody’s friend. The perfect student. And then she’s found murdered. But, then the Sheriff starts to investigate and discovers, I think, that she’s exactly the title. The book is told from three POVs: the Sheriff, Hattie and a teacher, whose marriage is crumbling… perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions, but perhaps she and the teacher were sleeping together? This one is on my list because Hattie seems perfect, and those characters have the best secrets. 

Lucky Boy

Solimar is an illegal immigrant in the US when she falls pregnant. For all the crap she has to endure, she holds on to her baby. He’s everything to her. But, when she is detained, she meets Kavya and her husband, Rishi. Kavya wants a child above all else, and she falls in love like only a mother can, with Soli’s child. See, going to rip my heart out, I can tell. 

I can’t decide which one tops my list this week. What about you? Which ones are you looking out for?


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