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#5Books book recs for the week ending 91016

First up this week, well… if a book blurb claims it’s a  “supernatural-crime-comedy-bonanza” I am willing to give it a try. Crime and humour? Yes please!

Second, look, this rec… I don’t technically have a thing for books like this. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

The third rec can best be summed up as a reminder to live the life you have.

The fourth is a collection of stories with some of my favourite urban fantasy authors, and I could not go past it. Nope. But of course, there’s more to it than that.

And last, let me leave this with you: New Orleans. And alright, it’s a murder mystery, with a dash of something else.

The Wrath of Con

Aside from the “supernatural-crime-comedy” part of the blurb, there’s also giant birds and ninja courtesans, and the art of robbing a casino, without Ocean’s Eleven. Brie is trying to pay off her dad’s debt when she joins forces with a confidence man to perform said robbery. Did I mention drunk magicians, luck goddesses and Las Vegas? I need to see how this all comes together because it sounds INSANE. Insanely good. With emphasis on the insane part.

Paris Street Tales

It’s a beautiful city, and one I cannot get enough of. Ever. There’s always something new to find in it and that’s exactly what this book is – the third in a triology of translated stories set in Paris. And these, are related to streets of the city – and yes, okay, they include a mystery! Thing is they range from the 19th century to the present, the styles are all different, and it shows how the city has changed over centuries. What could be more epic than that?


Eugenia can remember her past lives and all she wants is the option to choose her next. But, then she discovers someone else shares her ability and the next thing you know, she’s sponsoring a support group for others like her. First off, remembering past lives is something new to me. But, it’s mostly Eugenia – she’s currently in a traditional Italian American family, living the simple life. And remembering her past ones – what is her dream life? What makes a dream life? I dunno, this one made me think, is all.

Shadowed Souls

Rob Thurman. Seanan McGuire. Tanya Huff. Jim Butcher (even though I fell out of love with the Harry Dresden series). But the thing that makes me want this is that it’s filled with stories in which good and evil aren’t as clear cut as you’d think. And there’s a boogeyman in one of the stories, so there’s that too!

Casting Bones

Quentin Archer is tasked with solving the murder of a New Orleans’ judge, which leads him int the world of vodoo and mysticism in the city. Then there’s the voodoo queen, Solange, who reads minds and realises exactly who might be behind the first murder, and the rest. And I don’t think the rest have happened yet. Doesn’t that not sound GOOD? Mysticism, murder and reading minds. YES. 

I think Wrath of Con is still top of the list for me! What about you?


  • Lily B says:

    The Wrath of Con looks indeed quite interesting lol drunk magicians? does sound insane

  • Kelly says:

    I must admit, when Iook at murder type mysteries, I never think of comedy thrown in there and now curious how that works. I do enjoy a bit of banter, but now have visions of slapstick comedy 😀 The Wrath of Con sounds so superbly entertaining, but what’s with that horrid cover? It looks like a middle grade paint attempt. Will have to check that out. Thanks for sharing Verushka darling <3 <3

  • AngelErin says:

    HOLD THE HELL UP!! Something with Jim Butcher that I haven’t heard of??! I definitely need to read that one. I love stories where things aren’t quite black and white so I can’t wait to see what all these authors come up with. The Wrath of Con and Hindsight sound intriguing as well. Great recs!

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