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Book recs for the week ending 21016

The first rec this week, I have to admit is following what I like to call the “kidnapped kid” genre. I’m also impressed at how this author has taken a different POV into a familiar story.

The second throws up some interesting, compelling and difficult questions when it comes to what you do when you know a kid is being hurt.

The third, oh my god, I saw the cover and wanted to cry. But then things got interesting.

The fourth book rec is scheduled for summer 2017, which makes for a ridiculously long wait, but god, it’s GOOD.

And the last, it’s a mind f$%k if ever there was one. Yup.

Afterward: When Caroline’s brother is kidnapped and then rescued, another teenager is found living with the kidnapper: Ethan. He’s been with the kidnapper since he himself was a kid. Thing is, Caroline’s brother isn’t adjusting to returning home and Caroline thinks Ethan can help. But, Ethan himself is dealing with his own memories. So what happens when the media leaves and it’s just them left with the reality of everything that has happened? This is so going to break my heart, I can just tell. I recently read a book about a kidnapping survival story that failed for me because the POV the author followed was … interesting and unexpected, but she wasn’t able to make me care about the character. For me, Caroline is an unexpected choice for a POV here, and I suspect how I feel about her might make or break this book for me.

Promise: This is such a horrible situation and compelling at the same time. When Charlie and her family move in next door to Anna, she quickly realises something is wrong with Charlie — but no-one can do anything — not the police or social services. So when Charlie comes to her for help, she decides she’s going to take Charlie and go on the run. The question is: what would you do in this situation? The blurb makes this sound simple, but I am curious as to what the author says about the legalities of this situation and what Anna can or can’t do. Nothing about this is as black and white as this blurb makes it sound.

Otherworld Chills: The Australian cover, that I have up there, says it’s the final anthology of the Otherworld series, which is why I want to cry, because this series introduced me to urban fantasy, and I never wanted it to end. But now it is, but then I go on to Goodreads and the same cover doesn’t say it’s the final anthology. Either way, I miss Paige and Lucas, my favourite characters in the series, and I just want them to have a happy ending. 

Strange Practice: Ok, So Orbit Books has literally just bought three books in this series, and who can blame them: Greta Helsing treats the undead. Or rather the supernatural creatures in London because that’s what her family has done for generations. Then come the murderous monks killing her patients and Greta is in the middle of it all. How I don’t know. Why, don’t know that either, but a supernatural doctor! Please oh please, let this be good! 

Kill the Next One: Ted is dying when he’s approached by someone to kill two people who are deserving of death. When he does, he’ll become the target for someone else, and it’s like some kind of warped daisy chain. But then, Ted realises the targets know him and he recognises things he shouldn’t. So WTH is going on?! See, told you it’s a mindf$%k!

Thus far, Kill the Next One and Strange Practice are top of my list for now! What about you?


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