Lustlocked, Sin Du Jour Book 2: Book review

Book review of Lustlocked, book 2 in the Sin Du Jour seriesBook review of Lustlocked, book 2 in the Sin Du Jour series

What is this about?: Lustlocked is the second book in Matt Wallace’s Sin Du Jour series, about a catering company that works for the supernatural. In this instalment Lena and Darren are back at Sin Du Jour and working for a Goblin King and his son’s wedding. In case you missed book 1, Lena and Darren are the very normal, human newbies to this whole world and readers’ POV into things.

What else is this about?: There’s some progress on Lena and Darren’s characters and an ending that kind of turns everything upside down, but it’s mostly about learning about everyone at Sin Du Jour running around trying to save the day.

Stars: 4/5 for the effortless humour. Srsly.

Blurb: The staff of New York’s premier supernatural catering company, has their work cut out for them in this outrageous follow-up to Envy of Angels.

Love is in the air at Sin du Jour.

The Goblin King (yes, that one) and his Queen are celebrating the marriage of their son to his human bride. Naturally the celebrations will be legendary.

But when desire and magic mix, the results can be unpredictable.

Our heroes are going to need more than passion for the job to survive the catering event of the decade!

I don’t think there’s any real way to do the utter hilarity and deadpan humour in some cases of Lustlocked justice. It’s the second in Matt Wallace’s Sin Du Jour series, featuring the catering company to the supernatural and it’s crew of staffers — including zombies as servers.

Despite the title, Lustlocked is as much about love as it is lust as the events of the story take place during a Goblin prince’s wedding to his human bride. Naturally, goblins are utterly gorgeous creatures, most of whom work at the CW network and their shows, but they are making Bianca, the bride, and her family feel like outsiders, which is when Boosha steps in and makes everyone into fornicating monsters.

It really was an innocent mistake.

Overhearing the bride’s lament about her husband-to-be’s family, Boosha took it upon herself to add something extra special to the menu to incite lots and lots of love, and it backfired and incited lust and turned every human into monsters.

Lena and Darren are still our POV into this world and yes, still employed by Sin Du Jour, despite Lena’s misgivings — and yes, her misgivings are continually expounded upon. But, hopefully the staff will  wear her down! On the other end of the of the spectrum is Darren,  non-critical and accepting of everything Sin Du Jour throws at him. There really is no middle ground between them and how they feel about the company, but it makes for a fun ride.

So, when everyone gets turned into monsters, a force field — or force of bricks come up around every building this occurs, accompanied by a Droopy Dog cartoon security system — for real:

Droopy Dog in Matt Wallace's Lustlocked: Book Review
And somehow Wallace makes this all work! His imagination is a thing of wonder, I swear! Read this series and be prepared to laugh your butt off!


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