#5Books: So many books, so little time


This week’s book recs start with a vampire novel, set during the Spanish Civil War. Yeah, it kind of got me at that. Oh, and the narrator? Is a vampire. Nods.

The second is not about soulmates. But may very well be by the end: it’s about a broken marriage, and an ex who wants to solve a murder. And yoga culture (anyone else surprised that ‘yoga culture’ is a … culture?)

The third book rec blurb doesn’t tell me enough, but I’m still recommending it here. Which is usually how I get into a LOT of trouble and irritation with my recs. YUP. I never learn.

The fourth asks one question: what does it take to stop a female serial killer? What makes her kill? (Ok, that’s two)

And last, is a book rec about sisters, and betrayal. And murder. But mostly sisters and betrayal.

Blood Crime: If you thought war would be perfect for vampires, Blood Crimes proves you right. Narrated by a vampire, this is actually the take of a police inspector’s investigation into the death of a monk and a boy who are both drained of their blood. And then there are the rest of the monk’s brothers who are being persecuted and the nuns who are doing anything the military police want in order to survive, and finally the orphan who happens to fall into the clutches of the murderer… who might not be the vampire, I think. See? Good right?! There’s seems to be a lot going on in this, but I am willing to try it out. It is a translation, and sometimes I’m not always able to fall into a book if it is, but fingers crossed!

Soulmates:  Dana is divorced and by all accounts is over her ex… until, she sees he’s been murdered. Like on the front page of the NY Post is how she finds out. Bit confronting, yes? Enough so that she starts to investigate his murder and the last years of their marriage, and naturally, finds out those years weren’t exactly what she thought they were. I feel like: Hindsight is 20/20 might sum this up nicely! It’s also supposed to be a send-up of yoga culture — which kind of sounds hilarious. I say this as a person who has just started trying yoga classes.

Safe from Harm: Or maybe I’m ever hopeful? I haven’t decided yet. It’s about a female close protection officer in London. Am absolutely loving the idea of a female close protection officer. No idea where it’s going to go, but it sounds exciting! You know the black-suited people following the Queen and Kate Middleton and the like? Yeah, them. … I’m a sucker for a blurb, aren’t I?!

PsychoAnalysis: Sarah is a serial killer, Martin a burned out cop and Karl, has sold heaps of books about serial killers, but is a controversial figure in his psychiatrist/medical field. This one is pretty straightforward for me: how do the latter two catch Sarah? And how did she become a serial killer? 

Close Call: Sydney stumbles on to a plot to assassinate a senator, but is reluctant to call the police, because she was involved in a sex scandal ages ago. But, when her fiance is killed, she becomes a murder suspect and a target and turns to her estranged sister for help… but why are they estranged? I have to admit, it’s the sisters’ relationship that has my attention the most in this book — 15 years of not talking is a lifetime. Did her sister betray Sydney’s affair 15 years ago? If it even was an affair, because goodness knows, that’s not all a sex scandal can be.

Hm, so many choices, so little time to read everything I want to. What are you looking forward to?!


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