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#5Books book recs for the week ending 040916

I need a holiday. That’s the only reason I can think of for all the books in different places I’ve been recommending. This one may be set in 1945, but I’m going with it. Nods.

The second, well, the main character creeps me out, but it’s the one little bit in the blurb that grabbed me and makes me want to read it because of how it could turn everything upside down.

The third book rec is a tale of revenge, after a fashion, about a husband who wants to expose his wife and by extension, the Chinese government.

Fourth, fourth … well. This one is on the list week because it involves a husband and wife cop team — which feels new to me — and a brother and sister, one of whom might be a killer.

And fifth, let’s just say, this is what happens when psychics feel too much. I think.

The girl from Venice: This is a love story set in post-war 1945 Venice. The blurb is clear on the beginning of this story — Cenzo, a fisherman, rescues Giulia who is running from the SS. And together, well, this is where it gets interesting — is this book only about Cenzo protecting Giulia? What is the mystery the blurb hints at? And what event in Italy’s history is it retelling? See, things to be curious about. 

Loner: David, the main character, is a creep I think. He goes to university expecting to find his people, you know, the people who will understand him, and accept him. And then he meets Veronica and becomes obsessed with her. The blurb makes it sound like he thinks she’s going to save him from the pain of anonymity so he becomes someone… and he will do anything to make that happen. But, this is what makes me pause: neither he nor Veronica are what they seem. So what exactly is Veronica? This reminds me a little of Normal, where no one is what they seem.

The Boat Rocker: Feng Danlin is a reporter living in the US, and writing exposes about the Chinese government… until he gets an assignment to expose his ex-wife,  Yan, and the deal she made with the government to ensure her success. Exposing her means exposing her political allies, and that proves dangerous for him. It sounds angsty, but the blurb calls is darkly funny too. And, it’s all about words — writing for good and for bad, I think.

Right behind you : Sharlah is a teen who is adopted by a retired FBI profiler Pierce and his partner, Rainie, a cop herself. And then, it appears her brother — who rescued her from their abusive father AKA killed him — is on a killing spree. Pierce and Rainie need to figure out what set him off and if he’s coming for Sharlah… and Sharlah seems to be hiding something from them. Pretty simple what got me here: the family dynamic — a husband and wife and siblings, and a sister who seems to be afraid of and might think the world of her (killer) brother. After reading The Ice Child the idea of a husband and wife team REALLY appeals to me as well. The dynamic is entirely different, I think, or will be as Rainie is a cop too.

The Possessions: Is complicated to say the least and everyone has secrets. First off, Eurydice is a psychic, channeling the dead as part of her 9-5. In my head? It makes me think of this scene from Ghost:

Except, when Edie channels Sylvia, the dead wife of a man called Patrick, she becomes obsessed with the couple, falling in love or lust with Patrick, not sure yet. As she starts to try and keep herself in Patrick’s orbit, she finds herself coming under Sylvia’s influence more and more and she can’t figure out if she’s doing what she wants or what Sylvia wants. BUT, the things is? Sylvia died under mysterious circumstances, so could Patrick have killed her? On the other hand, Sylvia still seems obsessed with Patrick, even in death. And in the middle of all this? Is Edie’s own secrets. 

That’s it for this week — which ones stick in your mind? It’s been hard for me to get Loner or Right Behind You out of my mind.


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