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#5Books week ending 130816

This week, the first book rec has me more than a little excited because it’s set in Israel — much like last week, it is the that which grabbed my interest at first. But there’s so much more too: namely a female Mossad agent and her handler who is searching for her.

Second is a historical novel set in the years following the US Civil War and is about a former slave’s search for justice for her son. Just reading that breaks my heart.

The third, is a historical novel with a confusing blurb, but one that is interesting enough to have me want to know more. Yes, I know I’ve been ranty about blurbs, but I promise this is not one those times.

The fourth has a line in the blurb I can’t get out of my head: Don’t do anything you aren’t proud of. What does it take for a kid to be proud of starting fires?

As for the last, this is all I have to say: South African. Urban. Fantasy. As I was born and lived there until I was 18, this is relevant to my interests.

The English Teacher: First, that cover is mesmerising. I want to know what the woman looks like, of course, but the book is in essence about her: about the line between her secret identity and her real one blurring, and her handler who is searching for her, worried she will do something to damage Israel. In fact, the blurb says she already has, but what? What do people go through when they are undercover for months? Immersing themselves in a life that is never theirs? 

The Orphan Mother: Another one with a cover that is mesmerising. Mariah Reddick is a former slave who is building a life for herself in Tennessee as a midwife. When her son is murdered, she begins to search for his killer, but the investigation leads her to secrets of her past. Here’s the question: how does her investigation into her son’s death equate to secrets of her past? Is it to do with her son’s father? The cover and tantilising questions make me go WANTS. 

The Unseeing: has a creepy, creepy cover and a confusing blurb. Bear with me: Sarah Gale has been sentenced to hang for participating in the murder of Hannah Brown. Sarah petitions the court for mercy, and this is where it gets confusing — refuses to help the investigator charged with finding out whether she’s innocent or not. Petitioning the court for mercy could conceivably be asking the court not to kill her, I guess. But, why would Sarah resign herself to being in jail for the rest of her life? What secrets are she hiding? 

How to start a fire and why: Lucia’s life is falling apart — her father is dead, and her mother is in a mental institution. She’s living with her aunt and getting kicked out of school, until she finds solace in a secret Arson Club at school. Which is when her life starts to fall apart again. Her motto is: Don’t do anything you won’t be proud of. But she like every person that is part of the club is broken. The interesting thing in it, is that there’s nothing about the other people in the club. How does she fit with them? How do they influence her or she them?

Poison City: This whole blurb makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. Gideon AKA London is a cop in South Africa, in the force’s occult investigative section. All he wants to do is kill the man who murdered his daughter. And while investigating the death of a low-level vampire, he finds evidence that tells him that the man he’s looking for? Just killed the vampire. Which means, London has two choices: kill the murderer or save the world. The voice in the blurb is dry, world-weary even which make sit all the more alluring to me, to be honest. Would he really let the world burn? What would make him change his mind? And why is a dog on the cover?

I want Poison City SO much, for obvious reasons, but what about you? Which ones are you adding to your TBR?


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