#LoveOzLit: What makes Maria Lewis want to hurl a book?

Maria Lewis Reading Pet Peeves

Maria Lewis, author of Who’s Afraid?, brings up a spectacularly good point here: which books have killed off LBGTQI characters? Which ones have made you want to hurl them at the ceiling?

I’ve been looking through my book reviews, mentally cycling through each one to see what fits her description. It occurred to me that I read one of the best examples of how things can go absolutely right when an author celebrates diversity and everything that comes with it in This it where it endsit’s the story of a school shooting and includes a lesbian couple around which the narrative centres, characters of different colours and backgrounds, and they’re all fully realised parts of the narrative.

But, here’s a question for you: Who’s read the Throne of Glass series? Maria mentioned that as an example of what she was talking about — I would definitely love to know what you think in light of the quote above.


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