#CBCAReview: Lily in the Mirror

Lily in the Mirror Book Review

I recently signed up to review books for The Children’s Book Council of Australia and they will all be posted on their interview and book review site, Reading Time.   Lily in the Mirror is the first title I’ve reviewed and here’s a taste:

If dictionaries allowed photos, I think Paula Hayes’ Lily would be the picture next to the definition of ‘precocious’. Lily may be a bookworm and an introvert, but her voice and her heart are filled to bursting with the things she wants to tell the world, but doesn’t.

Lucy is Chinese, but diversity isn’t an overriding theme in the book. Instead, it is presented as something she is, in an otherwise regular family, i.e. a family with which any reader would be familiar – parents and grandparents she loves and siblings she tolerates somewhat.

Check out the rest of my review here.


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