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Can't wait Wednesday- What are book bloggers looking forward to reading next-

Breaking the Spine does an awesome book meme, Waiting on Wednesday, every week where book bloggers highlight the titles they’re looking forward to. This week I did something different: the two books below are based in Pakistan and are two very, very different stories: Promising Azra and Fire Boy.

Here’s the blurb to Promising Azra:

Promising Azra book recAzra is sixteen, smart and knows how to get what she wants. She thinks. When she wins a place in a national science competition, she thinks her biggest problem is getting her parents’ permission to go. But she doesn’t know they’re busy arranging her marriage to an older cousin she’s never met. In Pakistan. In just three months’ time.

Azra always thought she’d finish high school with her friends and then go on to study science, but now her dreams of university are suddenly overshadowed. Can she find a way to do what she wants, while keeping her parents happy?

Or does being a good daughter mean sacrificing her freedom?



And Fire boy:

Fire Boy book recFrom Sami Shah comes Fire Boy, the first of a two-part urban fantasy set in modern-day Pakistan, where djinns roam the street alongside corrupt cops, hustling beggars, and creatures from the darkest corners of Islamic mythology.

Growing up in Karachi isn’t easy. Wahid has a lot on his mind: the girl he likes, mostly, but also choosing a good university and finding time to play Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, and the fact that he can see djinns, other-worldly creatures made of a smokeless and scorching fire. After a horrific car accident kills his best friend and djinns steal his girlfriend’s soul, Wahid vows to find out why. Fortunately, he has help in finding the djinns that tried to kill him. Unfortunately, that help is from the darkest of all spirits, the Devil himself …

Fire Boy is filled with supernatural entities and high-paced action, but it also gives the reader a vivid insight into life in Pakistan.

As you can see, two very different titles based in Pakistan. Promising Azra intrigues me because it sounds like the topic of arranged marriages isn’t sensationalised in the blurb. It’s something that Azra is contemplating seriously — and I want to see it tackled and dealt with properly.

Fire Boy is an urban fantasy — and I mean, Karachi, the Djinns and the Devil AND insight into life in Pakistan — I mean, how awesome does that sound? AND Sami Shah is an Australian author too!

What do you think of Promising Azra and Fire boy? What are you waiting on this week?


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