#SoSick: What to read?

I actually planned to write this yesterday or was it Friday in the hope to get some recommendations as to what to spend the weekend doing. Well, Saturday was spent at the doctor’s office and then chiro and then, I went shopping for medicine and other grocery supplies and the next thing I know it’s Sunday morning. WTH.

Oh, and I watched the results of the Australian election, wherein Queensland voted in a racist former politician jailbird back into the Senate. Let me be clear: she’s still a racist and will probably start referencing Donald Trump in order to build a wall around Australia. I’m not really joking here.

But back to my weekend: I had planned to go back to read Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising series — to be more accurate, comfortably paging through the books to my favourite parts and forgetting how sick I am. Yeah, didn’t do that. Instead, I started reading Baby Doll in a doctor’s office, while waiting to get more antibiotics.


Baby Doll book review

And then proceeded to try and not ugly cry. Yeah. Haven’t read The Room yet, or watched the movie, but it seems to be the same premise-ish at its most basic level. The details of the aftermath have to be different, right? When I review, someone has to let me know!

I watched Frequency too — yes that old movie with Dennis Quaid and Person  of Interest guy whose name I can’t remember. It’s such a fabulous movie — still.

There was The Boss, with Melissa McCarthy which so completely inexplicably hilarious to me. She and her husband were in Australia recently and I listened to them on the radio talk about this movie, and that’s been percolating in my brain I guess. Their tale of how they got Peter Dinklage in on the movie — who again was HILARIOUS in this!

And now, I’m blogging, drinking lemon tea and wondering how the hell the rest of the week is going to go. What do you do when you’re the very picture of death warmed over?


  • Oh no, I hate being sick! I hope you can get kick it soon. I have Baby Doll to read soon too. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but yeah, tough topic right there! I still need to read AND see Room as well though, but I noticed the similarity in overall plot. I’m sure they do differ in many ways however.


    • Verushka says:

      I cannot stop coughing and it’s driving me nuts. I need to know, can you beg legally drunk drom drinking cough mixture? Because that’s where I’m at OMG *ENOUGH*. Baby doll distracted me through a whole heap of this nasty cold and Lauren, the ending of that book was NOTHING THAT I EXPECTED EVER.

  • AngelErin says:

    This one sounds good!! Also, I hope you’re feeling better.

  • Hope you are feeling better! Sometimes a cry and tea cure everything!

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