#5Books: Book Recs You Can’t Miss!

#5Books: Book recs you can't miss

This week’s book recs include a graphic novel of a pretty cool urban fantasy series, whose author I saw earlier this year. And he’s frigging awesome, so you should totally check it out. The second book rec: look, I’m a Star Trek geek, and there was no way I was going past the title and you know what this time, this book sound awesome. NODS. Third, is a book with a cover that made me think: I want to see Viola Davis do this role in a movie some day. I know it’s sacrilege to be attracted by a book cover like this but I swear, that popped into my head. Then, there’s the story of a mother and her son on a road trip — through fan conventions. But, this is a story of family. And, last a superheroine story — because really, don’t we all need those?

Rivers of London Graphic Novel: This is one of those series I’ve always wanted to read, but couldn’t quite manage to get into. Then I saw Ben Aaronovitch here in Sydney earlier this year and was blown away by his sense of humour and just everything about him in general, to be honest! So, I am hoping the graphic novel might be a better introduction to the series.

Resistance is Futile: See what I mean? How could I go past that title?! But the book is that much cooler: Connie is a mathematician in a male-dominated field, and when she’s asked to collaborate on a top-secret project, she meets Luke. Who seems to out-weird her. She has no idea what they’re studying, but Luke does… and the question becomes, how does he? Because he’s not human and he’s alien. No, I don’t really know, but that’s what I’m hoping for lol! 

The Real Mrs Price: How gorgeous is this cover? Doesn’t it make you wonder which Mrs Price is on it? Because yeah, there are two of them: Lucy, who discovers Eddie her husband is a criminal before he disappears, and Marlowe who marries him six months later and then sees him putting a dead body in a car. Then Lucy meets Marlowe and Eddie, hopefully won’t stand a chance hehehehe…

A Hundred Thousand Worlds: Valerie is a former sci-fi TV star who left her husband and her show behind after their family endured a tragedy. Six years later, she sets out on a trip to LA with her son, Alex to meet his father… making appearances at cons along the way. This is a story about Alex and Val, and him understanding her and their family better. It actually sounds like it’s going to hurt by the end doesn’t it? 

Heroine Complex: GIVE IT TO ME! Evie and Aveda are BFFs, but here’s the thing: Aveda is a superheroine and Evie her PA. But of course, things are never that simple, because while impersonating Aveda one night, Evie discovers she has powers. And gets a taste of Aveda’s life: murderous cupcakes, gossip bloggers and supernatural karaoke battles and be still my heart, this craziness sounds perfect! Of course, this is about Evie stepping into her own as a superheroine. WANT. 

What titles are on your wish list??




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