#5Books: Book recs you need to read

#5Book recs for week ending 080515

This week’s book recommendations start with an Australian author whose newest is appearing more and more in some of my favourite book blogs and yeah, count me in as someone who can’t wait for it either! The second I almost scrolled by because I was in the middle of a conversation when I opened the newsletter it was in, and I was half-reading and then it registered what I was reading and the conversation stopped because WHAT, this sounds good! The next book recommendation revolves around a boy watching his father slowly get sick and writing that isn’t easy. The review I found says the author manages it with some humour too… so I want to know how she manages to pull that off. Then there’s a historical YA fiction I’ve seen around and I can’t get it out of my head. It hurts in the best way.  And last, Hot. Dudes. Reading. That is all.

Tell the truth, shame the devil: A bomb bus attack draws Bish, a London cop, into its investigation as his daughter was on the bus. But here’s where it gets interesting: the suspect is a missing 17-year-old whose grandfather is responsible for a similar bombing years ago, while her mother, Noor, is in prison for life for her part in the bombing. Thing is, Bish investigated the bombing that put her mother away, and now Bish is back on the bus bombing working with Noor and her brother to find Violette… and here’s where he realises he might have been wrong all those years ago. See, it’s good right? So, how does an author renowed for her YA tackle an adult genre? That’s what I want to know!

Spare me the truth: Oh, my. So where to begin: a father trying to recover from the loss of his son, and the next thing he knows a random woman in the supermarket tells him everything he knows is a lie. Which given that he has amnesia, kind of makes life difficult for him. Then there’s Grace, who is warned at her mother’s funeral if she doesn’t pay everything her mum owed, she’ll lose everything. And last, there’s Lucy, a cop, who is on the hunt for a criminal in her small town… ok, so it’s Dan, that caught my attention first of all, because amnesia, and then the comparisons to Jason Bourne. So yes. Damn this had better be good because my hopes are way up right now.

Forgetting  Foster: It’s the story of a kid, Foster, who starts to notice his dad is changing — but in truth, he has Alzheimer’s disease. It’s written from the POV of Foster, and I’m curious about how the author pulls off a kid’s POV on such a devastating disease, and adds some humour to it.

The Girl in the Blue Coat: In Amsterdam 1943 Hanneke keeps her family afloat by distributing black market goods to her customers during the war. Then one of her customers asks her to find a Jewish teenager who has disappeared from the place she was hiding… and I can’t explain it completely, but it’s lingered in the back of my mind since someone recced it on a meme. 

Hot Dudes Reading: Yup, it’s pics of hot dudes reading. Instagram’s @hotdudesreading is now a book. What more do you need?

What are you looking forward to this week?


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